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  1. Happy Birthday!🎉

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday 🎂 

  4. At Hanover Expo. Finally got a chance to take photos. ? 





  5. We HAUL. 
    Fantastic convoy on a great route. Have to appreciate Prime's departure.





  6. Autumn mod, was waiting for this fantastic mod for an year.
  7. I prefer to drive at sunrise and sunset time, sometimes a bit of rain might make the mood even better.
  8. I always love to listen Pop music while on the go, sometimes Hip-hop too.
  9. The famous C-D route, just because driving with different kinds of players and the new Alps route at klagenfurt.
  10. I rarely use this feature, but always prefer female voices cause they sounds nice I guess. XD
  11. It's of course the new Mercedes for me, just can't wait to drive that beast. The upcoming MAN also will be a nice truck to drive, especially because of the interior.
  12. Driving with real players are always better than driving with AI traffic, at least you won't feel boring.
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