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  1. For me ETS2 It is the best truck game I think. (It's just from my point of view)Because ETS2 There is the most authentic trucking.
  2. Congratulations on the promotion, man. Nxbody17🥳

    1. Nxbody17


      Thanks bud! 💝

  3. Happy Birthday 🎂Cyrusj:HaulieLove:

  4. Happy Birthday!🥳Silver Strikyn


  5. Happy Birthday! 🥳Aiden Z

  6. Happy Birthday! ღ*^_^*ღ🥳 karol_domag

    1. [C-S] karol_domag

      [C-S] karol_domag

      Thank you Death Knight

  7. It was an amazing event and I had a good time
  8. Happy birthday!🥳Woerki

  9.  Hello and welcome to my photo wall

    Today, I attended the promods Community Conference and took some photos with my friends and the team:HaulieLove:



    Wee Woo


    Nice to meet you!

     @Velo.  @HandOfClash @Syna😄


    This is a pleasant trip, the perfect promods Community Convoy. I wish you a good dream and good night😴

  10. Thanks for follow ❤️ 

  11. hello: @[CN-JD-Team]*001*heheda It depends on whether you are on a single machine or online. If you are online, you cannot use (ctrl+f9) to land The following is the correct flight mode (key operation) Keypad 0 (start flight mode) Keypad 8 (yes forward) Keypad 5 (yes backward) Keypad 4 (yes left) Keypad 6 (right) Keypad 9 (yes up) Keypad 3 (yes landing) CN:这取决于你是在单机还是在线上,如果你是在线上是无法使用(ctrl+F9)降落的 以下是正确的飞行模式(按键操作) 大键盘0(启动飞行模式) 小键盘8(是向前) 小键盘5(是向后) 小键盘4(是向左) 小键盘6(是向右) 小键盘9(是上升) 小键盘3(是降落) 或者向 @YZT-Qin-TMP所说的尝试按F1
  12. hello everyone

    Welcome to my photo wall

    Today, I was traveling with my friends in promods

    We explored some new routes together. The scenery is also very beautiful🙂

    Here are the photos we took during our break


    Good night, brothers and friends, have a good dream🥰😴

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great photos and trucks 🥰❤️:HaulieLove: Good Night 😴

    2. Aras.


      Beautiful photos 

  13. hello: @[VIVA] Jelly_Envy Hope everything is all right with you. You may try the following: 1.One suggestion I have is to check your microphone privacy settings. Just search up "microphone privacy settings" in the search box and it will show up, it's in the settings app. Make sure that the 3 settings on there, "Allow access to the microphone on this device", "Allow apps to access your microphone", and "Allow desktop apps to access your microphone" are turned on. I had a problem with that in other games awhile ago and that fixed it for me, hopefully it works for you as well. 2.Please make sure that your FireWall isn't blocking the connection to TruckersMP try to start TruckersMP as Administrator if the InGame microphone test didn't respond, then please make sure that you set the correct microphone device in the sound settings. I hope the above content can solve your problem. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Kind regards: Death knight* TruckersMP Player
  14. Happy Birthday🥳Skorpion:HaulieLove:

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