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  1. Happy Birthday lethal :wub:

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    [Forum game] Players vs staff

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    So I have decided to start a topic for my media work, including Pictures and Videos (if I can ever get my head around editing ) I've always loved taking picturesque photos in ETS and ATS, so I thought I would create a place to share them all with you! I hope you enjoy! <3
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    Welcome to sunny Rotterdam...
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  6. Hello

    1. Martin.


      My oh my! Greetings to you as well!

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    I can't go back to the previous version

    TruckersMP Supports the latest version of ETS and ATS. You will need to select: Then your TruckersMP Launcher should update / launch the game for you. Regards -Zirox-
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    J-Spec - You just can't beat it.
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    Zirox's Gallery

  10. Real nice photos here. Keep up the good work
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      Nameless Ghoul

      Shame I cannot watch I'm going to Metallica :truestory:

    3. Banton


      Please don't ban us ,lol.:wub:

    4. Small fly

      Small fly

      Good morning, administrator

  11. Good Morning TMP! 

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    2. Thurston


      good morning:wub:

    3. QF_Giulia


      Good morning <3, some stream today? :troll:

    4. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      Hello good day :ph34r:

  12. You can't beat a good coffee first thing in the morning :wesmart:

  13. Morning TMP!

  14. So... #blamezirox is back :troll:

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  16. image.png.53d2b53986a0c84b52a33fb041b89c7c.png  

    Pretty decent late night drive tbh! <3 

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    2. Thurston
    3. Digital


      @Louie G They couldn't drive hearing your voice, it's too distracting. :wub:

    4. Djinsomnia


      That was a seriously fun night 

  17. OOF Late Night Stream! 


  18. Admeeen work



    1. TehRamsus


      Noice :thisisfine:

  19. TMP has become like a second family to me, since first playing in 2015 I've made many friends and experienced some amazing contributions by the community for charitable causes <3
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    @courtzz49 @Vants.
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    Zirox's Gallery

  22. Early Morning Trucking, come drop by!