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  1. Nice to see you back. Have fun mate! <3 

    1. Louie G

      Louie G

      Cheers buddy!

  2. Guessing you still don't share cookies? ;) congrats mate!

  3. When you get a sec mate drop us a message, be nice to have a catch up! :D 

  4. Hmmm...just popping by to say Hi! :) how are we all?

  5. Hey guys, 

    Im currently selling my Logitech G27. 


    If you're interest please PM me. 




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    2. Prototype


      It doesn't allow me that's why i asked here.

    3. Strydr_


      My bad inbox was full, should be able to now 

    4. [GER]Loading...


      I will miss you sir :( 

  6. Happy birthday, buddy :)

  7. Happy Bday to you

    Happy Bday to you 

    Happy bday dear SSttrryyddrr__

    Happy bday to you 

  8. Happy B-day :)

    I wish you a great time in 2017 sir :)

  9. Happy birthday i wish you all best. :)

  10. Do I have to say happy birthday? Do I reallllllly have to!? :P

  11. Happy Birthday Big man! 

  12. Happy birthday comrade. ;)