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  1. What I am trying to say here ... There is something missing here, balance is not maintained between the players and game, hope you all Remember movie avengers end. Balance is much essential, yes I agree to the rules, I am responsible for my actions, Just like missing the balance, the game is also locked from one-side,one way out, no way in. It's just my opinion, rules that doesn't satisfy morality will never be same.where your rules allows one month or 3 month ban, to regret the players decision why not year's that would be much better..rather than shutting out , rather than giving 3 or 6 month just give years. A person will not be same from beginning to end. Are you the same from your childhood to your grave.. no even real life having much solutions. A game just made for relaxing is taken beyond extreme level, so rules need to be followed from ethics and morals. I even don't want to come again. Those who whole heartedly wants comeback they will be never be back again because of this idiot rule which made years ago. I am sorry if I was annoying, I was trying get this to community in every way possible. I don't have particular vengeance to anyone, I just want myself registering this here .. Hope you all have a good day..
  2. I can't able to login truckers mp .. as the error win dow pops up banned, even though i went to their offical site justified ..they won't beleive and simply banned me. And i had myself a question ..why i bought this game in first-place ....hmm .just to play multiplayer .. here the total moderation team is so stubborn and dosen't even care about me as long as they play online. At the end of the day..its totally loss for me both physically and mentally from this community. Why is this happening? what is the solution to overcome this kind of stiuation,Any helps are much appreciated.
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