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  1. Grana

    Runtime Error

    I fixed problem -
  2. Grana

    Runtime Error

    I have 32bit operating system and I installed MV for 32bits.
  3. Now I have this problem, when I play Multiplayer 15-20 min. I have installed all Microsoft Visual C++ (2005.-2013.) I have installed DirectX 9.0 and drivers for graphic card...
  4. Grana

    Fatal Error

    Problem fixed. I installed new drivers for my Graphic Card and now everything is ok. Thank you for help! Sorry for my bad english...
  5. Grana

    Fatal Error

    I've updated my video drivers but nothing..
  6. Grana

    Fatal Error

    Yes, but now I have another problem. Game crashed on "Opt out of all beta programs". game.log - http://pastebin.com/rRrsbj1B
  7. Grana

    Fatal Error

    If I do file ETS2MP open then I click "Play" then a message, he says: Unsuported game version detected! To play you need to have ETS2MP ETS2 1.16.2s (steam release)
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