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  1. Hey KevinXuzio, What if you try to disable and enable it again? - Sander
  2. Hey KevinXuzio, My question to you is with stay stiff, Do you mean you are almost not able to turn your wheel to the left and right? If so i had this problem to. The only option i had to counter this is enabling the force of the centering spring for games without feedback. This is the only thing i know off to let me still play ets2 with my G29. I would like to hear from you. - Sander
  3. Hey JD_Kreeper, Does this problem happen when you have just started up the game? Or does this problem also happen when you are in game? If the problem happens when you have just started up the game then it its because the client is still trying to recieve data from the server. (Time, Date, Player position, etc) If you are tabbing out in that time during that time the game will freeze. I would like to hear from you if this is the problem. - Sander
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