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  1. Hello Guys, i have a question. If someone overtake on D-C Road with high traffic...on left side and overtake really close or on right side...How would you react on this? I think a report would be okay, or not?


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    2. [ITL] Munin666 [GER]

      [ITL] Munin666 [GER]

      If okay i will send this to you via PM after its uploaded, better than make this video public

    3. Bonnm
    4. [ITL] Munin666 [GER]

      [ITL] Munin666 [GER]

      Wenn ich dir jetzt auch noch Nachrichten schicken könnte, würde ich es dies auch tun, aber hast es wohl blockiert.
      Soll ich die beiden Videos doch hier posten? Würde damit die Spieler halt sozusagen öffentlich an den Pranger hängen und davon bin ich eigentlich kein Fan.

  2. Haahaha lol your profile photo is wonderful :D I thought it was at my screen , were trying hit :D:troll:

  3. weather

    Some players have less than 30 fps on a open road without other players. While they are racing with 100 i can drive behind them with 75 and if there are some other players or a city, they still drive 100 and i drive 30 or less! Rain would kill their computer, but this is why Truckersmp should include a performance check for the MP. Even my old computer with a Pentium 4 Single Core 3,3ghz can get more FPS in this game, or my Notebook when i deactivate my dedicated grafics Maybe ETS2MP (or ATS) shouldnt be playable on a calculator.
  4. Do you prefer driving at day or at night?

    Night because of all the lights... Some Trucks looks really nice at night...but @all, please turn off your highbeams in normal traffic Use your normal driving lights.
  5. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Banned because no good ban reason
  6. Dont overtake in areas with low FPS

    The problem is, neither "heavy traffic" nor "low fps" are clearly defined. Is heavy traffic a traffic where you cant overtake the truck infront of you without ramming upcoming traffic, or is it when you have to wait for the right moment and overtake when there is no upcoming traffic? Both situation can happen on the D-C Road and it is still a road with a high amount of players but the one is unsafe and reckless, the other one would be a safe overtake, especially if you wait and overtake while holding the speedlimit.
  7. Dont overtake in areas with low FPS

    Hello together... yesterday i have seen 2 admins who wrote sometimes in chat, that it's forbidden to overtake in areas with low FPS. In this situation i am asking myself how this is defined? Some guys have low FPS the whole time, it doesnt depends on the area. For me there is no area where i have real low FPS. I am playing ETS2 on the following settings... Resolution 2560x1440p Skaling 200% Antialiasing 3/4 And everythink on Ultra / highest selection. But i still have 55 FPS in Bergen while there are 24players, while some other guys of my VTC just have 20 FPS. And on D-C Road i have 30-40 FPS on Kamera 1 at 80 players while other guys just have 4 FPS on Kamera 2. This is why this sentence isnt really good to say that this is forbidden on areas with low FPS, while i dont have low FPS It is better to say "high traffic" and define how many players are allowed to be in your tablist to decide if overtaking is allowed or not...because "high traffic" isnt the best argument too if its not defined what is high traffic And overtake on D-C should generally be forbidden, as long the driver infront of you wont stop or let you pass. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you think about Rules / Informations like this? For me it is not clear enough.
  8. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Permanently banned for stoneage Spongebob
  9. The end of Teamspeak 3

    Discord free, TS not...but TS has more options for the administrator as long as you have an own and not a ts what is hosted by someone else. For me Discord is more a chat with the possibilty to talk and Teamspeak is a voice program with the possibility to chat
  10. Anyone know good recording programs?

    Which kind of bugs? I have never seen one.
  11. The end of Teamspeak 3

    For my Opinion Discord sucks, but different persons and different meanings
  12. What song are you currently listening to?

  13. Anyone know good recording programs?

    You can use Shadowplay with old or new Graphic Cards from Nvidia. GeForce GTX class GPUs 1080, 1070, 1060, 1050, 1050Ti, TITAN X, 900, 700, 600, 900M, 800M, 700M, select 600M Series GeForce 700, 600, 500, 400 GeForce 600M, 500M, 400M With this you have the possibility to record everythink what happend in the last 5 Minutes (depending on your Settings) or you can manually start and stop record...or streaming on twitch. And this program doesnt needs that much ressources from your computer, so you wont have lags while this. You just need to have an supported Nvidia Card.
  14. Italy DLC Giveaway

    Darf man fragen wie lange man Zeit hat sich eintragen zu lassen? Oder hat man Zeit bis das DLC erscheint? Dies wurde hier nicht genau beschrieben. Ingame sehe ich bisher keinen Spieler der diesen Tag drin hat und ich sehe auch keinen Admin bisher, der diese Spieler anhält.
  15. DLC im Multiplayer sichtbar?

    @Racyen dafür bin ich zu faul, die Liftachse bringt eh zu wenig, außer das sie ein kleiner optischer Bonus wäre. Frage mich halt nur wieso SCS nicht selbst dran denkt, wenn die Liftachse doch bei den normalen Trailern geht.