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  1. i do like traffic jams, the challenge that implies and even use it as a learning tool why do you ever bother in goin' online? (legit question)
  2. Submited the form, hope we are heard this time
  3. did the launcher broke? it keeps downloading data2

  4. updating to 1.28 now!! see you all on scandinavia, hope you'll behave there!!

    1. -XCE-


      ETS2MP doesn't currently support v1.28, just to let you know.

    2. El Gran Rojo

      El Gran Rojo

      so whats with the update then?

      check this mate



    3. -XCE-


      I guess the Staff Members on here haven't updated the pinned forum message and News Forum...

  5. what's the point in having a delay for appeal a ban?

  6. So i tried in my computer with an account of a friend of mine who only have the base game, scandinavia and going east and his games keeps crashing, then i logged in my account that have all dlcs and played like 1 hour and got 0 crashes, maybe some dlc is messing with the game

    1. krypto_one


      mods are most likely the issue

    2. El Gran Rojo

      El Gran Rojo

      no i mean the dlcs, the profile is a fresh one. without any mods

  7. what is wrong the game keeps crashing every time i enter (6th time already) since the last hotfix

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    2. El Gran Rojo

      El Gran Rojo

      yeah yesterday didnt have this issue, now i was playing normally, some idiot rammed me loaded a save in a safe spot game started crashing like a shit.

      then i did a sfc /scannow restarted the pc went to sp drived a little and exit then entered mp played like 20min and boom! the crashes started again 4 in a row, guees im not gonna play for a day or two until it gets fixed.

    3. gwait


      What I did is teleport to a garage in a different city before connecting to the server. Instead of clicking "Drive", quick teleport to a different garage. The problem might still come back later though.

    4. El Gran Rojo

      El Gran Rojo

      Yeah but that just a temporary fix, just like i tried later, they must be trying something with the patcher, i've to update it everyday.

  8. Para mi podria caer en la categoria de useless traffic/parking in crowded areas.
  9. well see you all tomorrow server keeps disconnecting me every 10mins

  10. 180 players right now! i guess all the ppl updated their game

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    2. El Gran Rojo

      El Gran Rojo

      well ats is smaller but there must be less ppl than here

    3. Will Dormer

      Will Dormer

      i just drove the entire route from Duisburg to Calais, it was peaceful but very weird.. :D

    4. El Gran Rojo

      El Gran Rojo

      haha i was there recently i've encountered other 3 players before my internet started acting ;D


      lol ats have like 12 players on

  11. Driving my cargo "peacefully" when suddenly....




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    2. FirestarteR93


      'tis a fake one - there are no walls troll-face-small.jpg

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Woah :o I saw someone with the name Hillary Clinton in MP once :P but that number tho :o 666 :o

    4. krypto_one


      donald trump is joining with the illuminati :troll: 

  12. ah so thats why the launcher updated again today. keep the good work
  13. Well that's a more clarifying explanation, thx.
  14. I think the brazilian community EAA would like to see their mod in multiplayer maybe you should speak with them if you have the intention to add something like that. To me your excuses sound like you are not interested in working with other communities.
  15. will be the update be available soon? my game updated and i want to downgrade, but i dont want to loose time. ;D

    1. gwait


      No one knows.

    2. El Gran Rojo

      El Gran Rojo

      looks like i'll have to take the risk then, cant wait to play.

    3. Spieker


      I bet it will take around a week or maybe two weeks

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