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  1. Thanks for the follow! 

    1. ALABÖRÜ


      Thanks man, thank you too ^^ 😁

  2. Enjoy your retirement ,legend ♥ I hope you come back soon 🙂

  3. You are partly right about this, I think it is not taken into account, but it is an important detail because this is an international game and the time zone may not be the same for every player, but it is a necessary detail
  4. Velo and the event team are always number one ♥
  5. congratulations my friend and good luck in your new mission ^^

    1. mxriegaming


      Thank you so much for your warm words. I appreciate it and I wish you a nice evening ❤️

  6. @blabberbeak@Granite [SVK]Yes, I know this, what I want to say here is that when our tires are worn out or damaged, or for example after 30,000 km, a warning system such as please change the tires can be introduced.
  7. The Name of The Proposal: Wheel damage Description of the proposal:The game has trailer and tow truck damage, but I think wheel damage should be added to make it a more realistic game, for example, when the temperature of our truck rises , or when there is a problem such as engine failure, the truck stops and does not start, a similar Update may come for the wheels, it may be necessary to change the wheels after a certain distance , for example, 30,000 km. I hope it was a realistic and useful suggestion Any sample picture: No Why should it be added?:For a more realistic gaming feel
  8. happy birthday bud 🎂👍

  9. you can use the arcade server , or drive in quieter maps , I think it's an unnecessary suggestion
  10. Happy Birthday!🎂

  11. If multiple players are creating threads on the forum page for the same suggestion, I think it makes more sense to add this Update instead of rejecting it
  12. I have a question, there are many maps, many cities, many routes to explore, road, sea road, mountain road, instead of exploring these routes, why c-d or kirkenes mine road?
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