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  1. Hi, I have reported some player and he was banned for a while. I received a mail from Youtube (where I posted the evidence about him) that I have a new reaction on this video. In this reaction the banned player calls me names and treathen me with dead When I wanted to see this comment on YT it was removed, it just lives in my mail where I can see and read it. Not that I really care but what can I do about it? Just ignore it? Should it be possible to ban such a cowards like this player in TrucketsMP?
  2. Fixed the skoda_effects sound bank (sounds do not disappear after a while) Does it mean the Skoda car has sounds? I just tested it and it is still no sound at all???
  3. I meant: to have a Arcade server where it is allowed to misbehave just like last year on the annerversary server. I do not want or courrage others to misbehave or ruin the game for others. It was just a thoght, may be TruckersMP will allow us to have such a server in the future... I think this is what I like to have, may be I used the wrong words
  4. They will troll I agree but that is fun sometimes. Just to have a server to misbehave. Last year with the anniversary of TruckersMP we had a server just like that and it was full and it was fun
  5. Hi there, I wonder why are collisions disabled on the Arcade server? It would be more fun and so to crash and players will have fun to ramming others. It will may be get players who misuseing Simulation servers to Arcade server so it will benefit also Sim server users too. When players want to race it will be more fun... Just a thought may be it is already discussed, but I could not find the tread about this. Regards,
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