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  1. Hello guys i know someone here can help me So i have friend who tries to log into truckers mp web page so he can start trucking online but he's caught in some weird reset loop. He forget his login and everytime he tries to reset his password the system says its sending him a reset email but he never gets it. There might some shananigans with his account like maybe he fat fingered his email address im not sure but if someone could help me, help him. I dont want to post here his info, but he was thinking of creating another account if that would even work i dont know. Please help or
  2. yeah i figured , i was just curious on some things i have seen that is not in game content but its cool. So let me ask one about pro mods. Pro mods is a server you can play multiplayer and run there mods on that set server right? If thats true then its another launcher like truckers Mp if im understanding correctly.
  3. HELLO TRUCKERS I was wandering if there is a list of mods other than weather and seasons that can be ran on the server. If yes , is there a list? and if no big deal i was just curious
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