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    I am Currently working as a Full time chef and i am wanting to later down then line own my own Restaurant
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    California: Los Angeles
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    United Kingdom: Manchester
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    English, Dutch

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  1. How is Everyone doing 

    Who's Ready for Christmas! Huh - Cuz i sure am lol

  2. Hay there, I am the Chief Executive Officer of Firelodge Logistics and i was wondering if anyone here would know someone that at least knows the basics of making your own Drivers Hub or VTC Tracker? Kind Regards, Joe.S | Chief Executive Officer Firelodge Logistics - We deliver, everywhere!
  3. Does anyone know the Basics of making your own Drivershub or Tracker??
  4. Thanks for this Update I'm Loving it - Can't wait for more future Updates!!!
  5. This is something a lot of players have wanted in the game for ages & I just think its made our jobs so much more easy
  6. That’s Nice! Good for you good luck with the chef job… what’s your favorite food to cook? My mom really loves cooking so growing up was always smelling great!

    1. [FL] Joe.S

      [FL] Joe.S

      I like to cook a lot of things tbh whats yours

    2. 31Delta


      I really like making (but more “Taste Testing”) Desserts!

  7. Thank you 


    Hello Everyone, As you all may know Firelodge Logistics was not doing so well before we decided to take our temp close, we know we have closed a few times but now we will be coming back strong and today is the day we relaunch this vtc and make it something like no other vtc


    we will make it better and make our VTC / community stand out from the crowed since we made our VTC in a community server we had gained but also lost a few Support/VTC staff but apart from that the Upper Management here are Firelodge Logistics would like to say a massive thanks to the following below for sticking with us and supporting our Every Move


    We want to thank the following Staff members:

    - Rowan | #02 (Chief Operating Officer) Could not have done this with out you

    - Shadows (Senior Community Manager) thanks for being with us

    - Wavelength3 (Community Manager) Been here since Day 1

    - Delta (Community Support Management Manager) Thanks for Sticking with us

    - Glando (Director of Development) Thanks for Helping us with Everything bud!!

    - max! (Developer) Thanks for making our Bot


    What we have changed/Updated below:

    - Updated Logo

    - New Banners for the following channels

    Twitch, Twitter, YouTube

    - We have Updated our Driver Paintjobs

    - Moved from VTLog back over to Trucksbook

    - Our Website has been updated and will be announced at our Relaunching Event later tonight

    - We have updated our Discord server and now have a Custom URL -


    - we have updated our Truckersmp Site

    - We have also Decided to do a Picture of the month (Who ever posts the best picture will get there Photo put as our Server banner for 1 month)


    What is still to Update:

    - We are still currently working on our Discord bots so please bare with us

    - Our website will have some tweaks now and then but we will still be updating our website all the time to make sure its up to date

    - Our Partnerships sector will be Getting a redone by the Upper Management Team


    If you are wanting to Find more information feel free to check out our TruckersMP Post Below:



    Thank you to these that Attended the Firelodge Logistics Official Relauch Event so you can find more information below about the Event:



    We just want to thanks each and every one of you members for Sticking with us though out our Journey We hope to expand more and we are going to make this vtc better and make it like no other

    So what are you wanting for Come and Join us today at Firelodge Logistics head on over to our Website and apply today!!





    Chief Executive Officer

    Upper Management, Firelodge Logistics


    Partnerships (2).jpg

  8. Does anyone know how to find your TMP VTC ID not the User ID the VTC one
  9. Hello to all Game Mods out there, I am wanting to apply for Game moderation once they open the applications again i was just wondering if you could give me a bit about what to expect and maybe how it works - I know you will start as a Game moderator Trainee then after you pass the trial do you have to be a Report moderator or can you pick witch one you would like to be out of Game mod or Report Mod Sadly i can't apply Till the 8th Feb 21:00 GMT Since i have already been banned once and it was not my fault but we will not talk about that If anyone could help me with this question that would be amazing Thanks, Joe.S
  10. I think the name your looking for is `world of truck` and i Don't use it that much but sometimes its good to use when you want to do other jobs around the Life of Europe
  11. Hello Not sure if this is the correct channel to ask in but does anyone know how to make custom skins as i am the CEO of a vtc and are currently looking for VTC skinners to make us some new vtc skins etc
  12. Does anyone here know how to make a good VTC Logo

    if so please feel free to comment here and let me know


    cuz im looking for someone that can make me a nice logo for my VTC since we have changed our Paintjob we will need to change our logo and i am do not know how to make one

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