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  1. Hello! I was thinking, how did everyone discovered ETS2? I personally discovered the game by a friend. He had the game on disc, And i really liked the game. So i started playing ETS2 in 2015. And i still like the game and play it even more and more. So so I'm curious, how did you guys discovered the game? greetings
  2. i also wanna see the ford fmax in the game. i really hope he is comming in the future.
  3. i dont record everything while driving, but if something happens my recording is always ready to record that moment. also if i record something it goes till 1 min back
  4. i like to drive with the scania s, but also with the renault T. i like the interiors
  5. hello. i updated my game version to 1,40 so i can look to the iberia dlc on singleplayer. but every time if i click my profile and want to load the game, the game crashes if it is almost done loading. i tried it on 1,39 and there is my profile good, the game loads etc.. but on 1,40 it just keeps crashing. i also tried an other profile on 1,40 and the game has no problem loading that profile, only with the profile i normally use. i dont have anny mods enabled or something. can anyone help me?
  6. favorite games: 1) Ets2 2) Apex Legends
  7. Hello there big dua limpa fan 🙂

    1. Captain Nivaro

      Captain Nivaro

      rec ban its DUA LIPA

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