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  1. 2 hours ago, FernandoCR [ESP] said:

    If you are using a controller (wheel, most times) it's possible that you made it work as "cursor control". It happened to me, so the cursor went all down and to the right of the screen and the only way to move it was with the wheel's pedals... So I disconnected the wheel, launched the game, went to Options - Controls and in "Alternate mouse cursor controller" I clicked on Reset. After that, I connected my wheel again and it all worked as it had to.

    i kinda tried that. i disconnected my wheel then launched. nothing happened. and my mouse doesnt move at all. so it cant be what your saying.

  2. 2 hours ago, AzBrazilSP said:

    Hello there, @OperationMars


    First of all, welcome to TruckersMP Forum


    If you're referencing the truck controls with keyboard and mouse, just configure as shown



    1-) hit Options




    2-)  After hit Controls 






    3-)  Then switch to Keyboard + Mouse 






    Note: If you feel that this information has not yet been sufficient, don't hesitate to ask to another solution on the same topic.


    no thats not it. i cant do anything at all. only thing that works is my keyboard.

  3. 3 hours ago, [GökBörü] AbdullahBey said:

    Hello There,


    Open Single Player with DirectX(64bit) mode and play it several minutes. Then login Multiplayer.


    If your problem persists, take a look at this thread :


    it still didnt work. and the thing you sent me is really just the same thing you tole me to do. please help.

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