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  1. It's not only that they push aside, they also push from behind because they can't break in time. And then they go crazy because we 'normal' players switch lanes with 70-80 while they come from behind with 140+. The game is not made for such speed differences. The moment we check the mirror, the lane is still clear. And then, suddenly, a truck shows up with 60+ km/h more, out of the blue, because the game shows only little distance in the mirrors. But again, I stated earlier that although I dislike this behavior, I find that better than ghost streets because nobody catches up on me or lets me catch up on them. As for the Tab-key, it's clearly said in the rules that it should be used to check the distance in an overtake. Fact is that only few people do it. However, using it in the way you mentioned is just crap, sorry. Where's the fun in that? It takes all the excitement whether or not somebody is to come when you start an overtake. Why can't you guys just slow down a bit, wait as you would if you drove your car and use the next straight for an overtake? I think that's why simulation drivers also insist on the SL. It's not so much that you guys can drive quicker. It's that driving quicker breaks the rules of anticipation. When you drive, you want to expect things as they are. You expect people to follow certain rules. If people don't follow those rules, anticipation doesn't work anymore. So it's not primarily about people driving too fast, but the recklessness and the unpredictability that comes along with it in many cases.
  2. I have to say that it's not quite true that the racers here respect the simulation drivers all too well. What's the point of buying a simulation if you just make another racing game out of it? And having driven for hours yesterday, I've had MANY situations where racers pushed me off the street, crashed in my load, overtook me in highly dangerous corners (it's a miracle that they never crashed into an opposing truck, but I would have been quite pissed if I had found an overtaking truck on my side), or honked like mad at me for driving 85 in an area where 80 was allowed. If those players would respect the simulation drivers instead of just racing the streets with 130+, we wouldn't have this discussion and a speed limit server wouldn't be necessary. So in a way, you NSL guys, your problem is house-made. Reading that one would think that I'm pro speed limiter. And in a way I am. But eventually, I'm not. Cause the big downside of speed limiter servers is that you basically never meet people on your side of the highway, unless somebody enters it just in front or behind you. I've just driven from Cologne to Dresden and haven't seen one single truck on my side of the road. And that's explained with simple maths. If everybody drives the same speed, then nobody catches up. This wouldn't be a big deal if there were enough trucks on the road. But since there aren't either, it makes a very boring experience. At least the mod seems to have stabilized now, cause after the installation, I first had 4 'exe is not running anymore' freezes.
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