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  1. I somehow fixed my problem but I honestly have no idea how I managed to fix it. I just opened the TAB menu and just clicked around until my CB turned back on. I do apricate the help you've given non the less.
  2. So I took a break for a few minutes from the game and got back from being afk kicked. When I reloaded back into Simulation 1 for ETS2 my CB Radio was turned off. I tried using the /channel command to turn it back on and that didn't work, then I tried closing my game and that didn't work. I was also just holding down X to see if the icon was showing up but it wasn't while I was holding X. I even checked to see if I somehow rebound the ptt key but it's still set too X. So now I'm at a loss on how to get my CB Radio to turn back on.
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