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  1. Tenminste 1 waar de TAG voor je steam naam niet verplicht is mogen meerderen een voorbeeld aan nemen.
  2. I tried alot, have a new windos on my system Win 10 Pro, and again the same problem, did clean boot, and sfc /scannow nothing was found. 32bit singleplayer = working perfect. 64bit singleplayer = freeze -> no crash just freezes so no log?
  3. Doesn't help, got some more information other programs stopped working now to, running malwarebytes now otherwise i go back to win7 after this if i cant find it im really sick of win 10 at the moment everytime an other problem with it.
  4. Hmmmm the game in single player is starting in 32bit good, but if i startup in 64bit it freezes. Cant see text in the game crash? game.crash.txt game.log.txt
  5. Since a few weeks already, didnt have any time to post a ticket about this, but i wanna play ets, but when i start the game the game freezes and my computer freezes after that and i cant find the problem, i did yesterday a clean install of Windows 10. if u check the date of the latest crash log its realy old, it doenst make a new crashlog if it freezes. Mute sound: video client_13_06_2016.log last_crash.log crash.log
  6. Thank you, but 506MB? 266kb/s >.< while i have 120mbit connection.
  7. I get crashes had it fixed finally today and now again crashing
  8. After update i get a crash ETS2 steam stopped working I cant find a crashlog in my map? Found this in the document of ETS2 not MP http://pastebin.com/ACprxu4b
  9. So i have a fresh new windows installation, newest drivers, but im testing the singleplayer now, and i cant run it with direct x, opengl works fine? anny sollutions about this. im not getting a crash log. http://pastebin.com/QA3N52hL
  10. Nope i did a complete uninstall, and installed the newer version, but still goes to desktop, but i cant see a good time-date in the last_crash from this time? I will be back in 3 day's so will post here soon again. if its still not fixed.
  11. Hello ETS2MP, I have just my new computer, but i try to play and it crashes the whole time to desktop – Intel Core i7-5820K – MSI X99S GAMING 7 – MSI R9 390X GAMING 8G – Corsair Vengeance LPX 4x4GB (16GB) DDR4 2666 Mhz - Windows 10 Pro 64bit http://pastebin.com/jvV7rprJ crash.log http://pastebin.com/N54L0B0i game.log
  12. Nah lower graphic's sucks xD, i play bf4 at ultra with 64 players
  13. Crashing every day a few times rondom.. even at the high way -> gamers pc here. Is it Windows 8/8.1 or? is it something els.
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