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  1. I have recently opened a new vtc with some friends of mine and we were wondering how to have our photo gallery on the main page of the vtc here on the TMP website
  2. to eat every day or almost pasta with any sauce, otherwise sometimes mainly on the weekend kebab
  3. I think about how much I could insult people who can't drive and who come on you and then I think about having fun in some way
  4. it depends if maybe I'm late to a convoy or if I'm traveling alone I prefer to go at 110km / h, instead if I'm with my VTC or with friends I like to go even below the maximum limit such as 80km / on the highway
  5. I think it's because people like to be in complicated situations in traffic
  6. my favorite is daf tuning pack with daf peluche and scania tuning pack
  7. I prefer the 105, I like the interior much more, the 106 is too modern
  8. I always prefer to wander between 1000 and 1500km
  9. on american truck I would put the ford explorer
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