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  1. Every truck in this game, what about you? Happy Trucking
  2. My longest journey was arround 3.500 km. From Sweden to Italy. It was a great one. What is yours? Happy Trucking
  3. I joined TMP in 2017, since then I played every day and I'm still loving this game! I have a lot of fun with my friends and my VTC, Happy Trucking
  4. I am driving perfect legally, 90 kmh on Autobahn (highway) and in the city normal 60 kmh. Happy Trucking
  5. I love ETS because I am living in Europe. But ATS has much better grapichs. Happy Trucking
  6. I have a question for you, wich truck is better? Volvo or Scania?
  7. My favorite Truck is Mercedes-Benz Actros mp5 and Scania S730 2018. Happy Trucking
  8. For me Portugal is much nicer then Spain. Happy Trucking
  9. RomaniaLGT is one of the best VTC I ever been. The staff is very mature and the convoys are very clean (clean= we don't have accidents). Happy Trucking
  10. I think Iveco is a very rare truck, I am not sure! Happy Trucking
  11. Clinkutzu

    Favourite DLC

    My favorite DLC is Scandinavia. The roads are very intresesting and there are of nice scenerios! Happy Trucking
  12. I have everywhere a Garage, when I play with friends we can meet faster! Happy Trucking
  13. I listen to a music, it's called "Muzica populara and Manele"! Happy Trucking
  14. Hey, that is a great question. I play TMP, cs:go, Bus simulator 18, Omsi 2, FiveM, GTA Online. Happy Trucking
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