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  1. And when you write to support, they literally laugh at you.

  2. I don't understand the meaning of multiplayer when everyone rides like a dick and deliberately crashes into you. I had an order 2100 km long and 60 km before the end I came across a dick. I lost 100k + another 40k I have to pay for the repair of the trailer. No sense in playing here.

    1. [VIVA] TruckerWolff

      [VIVA] TruckerWolff

      There is alot of idiots on the road, i would recommend to play on a lower populated server and maybe record your gameplay so you have evidence when you report someone.

    2. fillippp


      I have videos, but it's still useless to me. The person in question will be banned, but it will not return my money.


  3. fillippp


    Hola, tengo una clave de Steam para activar el DLC Beyond The Baltic Sea. Solo se puede usar en Latinoamérica, así que no lo usaré porque vivo en Europa. Si alguien quiere, escríbeme y hablamos.
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