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  1. Your solution seems good, increasing the time in which trains pass. But keep in mind that the gas station problems are caused because they are designed for less traffic. If you want to solve that problem, New gas stations with higher capacity should be made. Thanks for participating in the topic! Let me know what you think about this reply.
  2. Which intersection do you mean? I was talking about the gas station near Duisburg and the railroad crossing lol
  3. Thanks for the follow

  4. Thanks man! Of course, the ones that will surely know how to handle it appropiately are the TMP team, but our job now is to claim for a better truffic flow at the road, which means, more fun!!
  5. I constantly drive on the C-D Road and seeing game mods on the road is quite rare tbf. Traffic moderators should be more numerous than game mods since it's a "more simple" role, you only kick people in game.
  6. I love the idea, I would place them in hotspots and some others patrolling. But, as blabberbeak said, they should be properly trained.
  7. Hey blabberbeak. Thanks for participating in this thread. I mean, of course it would have a significant positive impact on the traffic situation in the railroad crossing. If you have trains constantly passing through and you reduce the number of trains that pass, the queues will be much shorter (depending the ammount of trains that would go through after the fix). This is because there should be enaugh time for the queue to clear up before a train passes. Currently, the queues don't have the needed time to clear up before crossing the railroad, so a bigger queue is formed progressively.
  8. Looking at the newly re-worked Duisburg city, and a new service interchange near Brussels and Rotterdam, we can notice how well designed they are, so that no traffic at all is accumulated in those hotspots where lots of traffic jams were seen. Now that these two big problems are fixed, the high influx of players exiting faster than before from Duisburg is so much, that the railroad crossing and service station near Brussels cannot resist so many traffic coming from that side. That makes it common for players coming from Duisburg, heading to Calais, having to wait nearly 10 minutes to cross the service station or 30 minutes to cross the railroad crossing. Those huge queues can be mostly seen almost every day between 17:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC. Meanwhile, trucks coming from Calais have a much smaller or no queue at all, specially in the railroad crossing. That's because the Calais exit was not been reworked, while the service interchange in brussels, as well as the new duisburg revamp, increase the speeds at which people enter the c-d road. So what is the solution? I think the current railroad looks great, it would be a bit sad to remove it, so in my opinion, reducing the ammount of trains that go through it would be a great solution. Each 30 seconds (if not wrong), a train passes. I would increase that time to 5 minutes or something more reasonable, so that no big queues are formed. On the other hand, we have the service station near brussels. I personally don't have a solution for that, but you guys have done reworks on the c-d road before and have always worked really well. Why should we fix these problems? Well, people transiting this road want it to be fluent. Although we all know the amount of crashes that there are in these road, those are natural situations and get solved really quick. What is not natural, are these 40 minute queues to cross a railroad or having 10 kilometres of trucks waiting to pass a service station. The solution is making this road a new highway, but that would be boring. Instead, it would be better to make the intersections and hot-spots capable of receiving the huge amounts of traffic that TruckersMP has.
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