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  1. Just finished ghost hunting in this year's Halloween event and I must say it I thoroughly enjoyed it! I managed to find all 12 ghosts which I am very pleased about!


    Thank you to the TruckersMP Team for organising and running such an amazing event!

  2. Great job and than you for the update Shawn!
  3. I have absolutely been loving it over the past 2 weeks during TMP's 7th Birthday. My favourite part from the events was the Festival in London on ETS 2 where most of the TMP staff were there, on stage. It was a great way to kick off the 2 weeks of celebration which could not have gone any better. My favourite part from the TMP7 Server was playing our own version of Cops vs Robbers with friends. It is something you obviously cannot do normally in TMP. All in all, I've had great fun and I wish TMP a very happy 7th Birthday!
  4. The fact that the community are able to vote on what vehicles are included at each rotation is amazing. It gets people involved within the community and playing the game more. What's more, it gives the players a bit more variety regarding drivable vehicles in multiplayer, spicing up their experience. It is also good fun with your friends. Alternating Vehicles also gives the multiplayer world a slight "single player" feel with what would usually be AI controlled vehicles on the road, but being driven by players instead. All things considered, I think the Alternating Vehicles was a very good thing to add and it seems to be going very well.
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