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  1. MrRada2000

    quick question about new rules on trailers

    yeah thanks, i was hopping you could take longer trailers but b triples will do hahah
  2. so i oppened to see what the update was about and i was pleasantly surprised when i saw this: Trailers: Trailer wheels of different sizes allowed Non-default trailer combinations are allowed as long as the trailers do not clip into each other Hitbox no longer matters unless the hitbox is invisible by non-default tráiler combinations, means b-triples' etc? because i have a b train default trailer with like 5 trailers i would love to drive arround with, also does it mean i can take out my btriple again?
  3. MrRada2000

    Game crashing every 5 minutes

    pc specifications, runing on medium/low graphics but on like 30 Fps that's decent for me, and the crash log, where do i get it from? i can't remember.
  4. MrRada2000

    Game crashing every 5 minutes

    no, i play sp with promods, i have 2 profiles XD basically because promods it's not availed in mp (that would be a hella good idea Just Sayin)
  5. MrRada2000

    Game crashing every 5 minutes

    yup, i've been playing promods aaall day because i couldn't play mp so, im sure it's the mp
  6. MrRada2000

    Game crashing every 5 minutes

    so im having an issue i didn't have last night, since this morming everytime i join the mp it crashes 5 minutes into it, it didn't happen to me last night, the game is ok, i checked it and i reinstalled the mp again, but still it's crashing like every 5 minutes, only happens in the mp, can someone help me?
  7. MrRada2000

    Cannot connect!

    humm, ok
  8. MrRada2000

    Cannot connect!

    WTH is wrong today with ets2 MP?! evrybody wants to connect XDDD it should get back to 3500 limit, this 2300 limit it's not that much
  9. MrRada2000

    Cannot connect!

    Restarted the game 5 times ;S
  10. MrRada2000

    Cannot connect!

    so i'm having a problem, there's 30 spots left on Europe#1 and it doesen't let me it just keeps reconecting with either Server Queue is full or conection problem, can i get some help? Thank you
  11. MrRada2000

    (MWL4, Please Read) Animated Gearbox?!

    well, actually that's true i'm going to take a look
  12. MrRada2000

    (MWL4, Please Read) Animated Gearbox?!

    So, looking for a gearbox mod for the mp (That's an idea) i accidentaly and for my surprise i found this video from MWL4, for the ones who don't know he is, he is the developer of the Multiplayer Mod I would like to ask you, NWL4, what happened with this, is it still in your mind or it's gone and it's not gonna be implemente, please explain me what happened because i'm so interested Thank you for reading!
  13. MrRada2000

    What the heck is going on?

    I downloaded the new update, and i started the game and when it's joining the server, it just doesen't i tried to wait so if it was my conection, and it said to check the mp update version, already downloaded it and it keeps saying the same. plz help
  14. MrRada2000

    Ban Appeal - The Cleaner

    What do you mean by check that?! is it Forbidden to drive backwards or what? also, i was changing lines because of the truck in the front that was slowing down! i wasn't going in wrong way, wrong way is when you go forward in the wrong lane! i was going backwards in the right direction of that lane, also, didn't go wrong direction, i was going backwards from the EP!
  15. MrRada2000

    Ban Appeal - The Cleaner

    1. Hunter [Hunter Speditions] ETSP 2015-05-29 18:46:34 2. I discovered the new mp4 can go 60 KMH backwards and tried it out in EP I Apologize for my stupidity, i won't do it again, i'm a wheel driver with more than 300 hours in steam, and have a whole forum i play with that can confirm you that Reason : I was driving perfectly, just like a normal driver does, without changing lanes, going wrong lane, and without damaging anybody, the only thing i made was driving backwards [bTW i didn't see any rule that says driving backwards was forbiden, i still apologize for my stupidity] if you don't trust me, i can show you it, i'm a very skilled driver, with more than 300 hours played on steam.