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  1. happy birthday  🥳❤️

  2. Thanks for the update seems more enjoyable for now.... and for those who insist this is a simulator...We dont even have traffic here, we hane non colosion zones here.we dont have tired drivers..we have better traction and better brake settings here..we have auto saves and loads here...if you want it to become a real simulation start with one of this topics not with speed limits....
  3. That seems to be unfair to put NSL on server 2 ..All ot of peaople just log in without even considering other servers..Also we can honestly say that there had been a player increase on MP after Speed limiter off...Now they are forcing people to go to Europe 1 more crowded and with SL on ... If they change the things vice versa and put the NSL to europe 1 it would be crowded ... It is not about SL on or off it is just about the which server takes first place in login !
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