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  1. Yes, I've entered and re-entered the game about 5 times now, and that problem always occurs. And I'm not the only one having this issue. I have a lot of buddies of my VTC experiencing the same issue. Yes, I've changed trucks a few times, but I only have one ProMods profile, but like I said before, a lot of truckers from my VTC also experience this issue. I do not belive this is an issue that only affects me, and can affect everyone in the game. @Halaskâr and @Jiu Jiu_TMP have you tried using the Job Dispatcher to generate a job with the Source City set to Karesuando? Please give it a try ? I've set the Destination City to Andorra, Rome, San Giovanni, Frankfurt and it always gave the same error. I could although generate a job from Karesuando to Rotterdam (can't really say why this one worked).
  2. No, the issue still persists. This time with no trailer attached and trying to make the job in two separate cities (Rome and Karesuando). When the Source City is set to Karesuando the job dispatch generation always fails. I haven't got this issue when the Source City is set to any other city (up till now). Where's a few more prints with mentioned issue: https://imgur.com/a/FNNd7AM
  3. The trailler attached to my truck was made with the job dispatcher after I noticed this issue. Just took a print after. But you can create new jobs with a trailer attached if it's not your own and you don't select the option "Take this job immediately"
  4. I believe there's an issue on the job dispatcher when you try to use Karesuando (Sweden) as the Source City. I've tried using different Destination Cities and all gave the same error. Only when I changed to another Source, the dispatcher generated the job. This is probably due to the recent release of the ProMods 2.60 servers. Can you look into it?
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