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  1. You Nub Clownish Sir, You don't know how to use TMP foruNsss.  :LUL:

    1. OCSC Antho

      OCSC Antho

      No this forum is too complicated 😅

    2. [Gentle Rudeman] Xrissie

      [Gentle Rudeman] Xrissie

      You're right not about it.



  2. Hello guys,


    Don't hesitate to consult one of my suggestion on the category "website suggestion". As I've explained in my suggestion, it will be very comfortable to all of us 🙂



    Thanks all & have a nice week !


  3. spacer.png


    When you meet the best media on TruckersMP !
    Thanks so much@bluca_03for this incredible quality of picture with @david12567 from PCVTC & Dade2000 from Ance Log.

    You're always the best media I met on TruckersMP ❤️

    1. berechtigter
    2. fifi3


      Nice photo!

  4. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

    1. OCSC Antho

      OCSC Antho

      héhé it's good to follow all the best members on TMP ^^


  5. Suggestion Name : Choose the date on your Events List Suggestion Description : Hello to all, So here I am today with this suggestion on the list of Events we are expected to attend, after voting on the Events pages. Indeed, as you can probably all see, we then get a list of upcoming events. I think it would be good to be able to classify them by date or by game ? (example) Because at the moment, it's a bit complicated to find your way around when you're taking part in numerous events with your VTCs and the dates are not in the right order, or the game you want to play. So I purpose to the TMP developers, to add the possibility to choose from a drop-down list how we want to classify them. Any example images : Why should it be added ? : I think this would improve the comfort of many users. It's not a huge addition and it would help a lot of players to find their way around. Thank you all for reading ! Antho, OCSC Event CEO
  6. I just saw I received somes badges... I was surprised, one gift from TruckersMP but that's not Christmas So thanks @Phonfor this great explanation about all badges and points ^^. Nice update on forum
  7. Dommage de ne pas y avoir participé, quand on dit que c'est une bonne cause à défendre, nous OCSC Event y étions et je remercie @TOPMiCKpour son organisation.
  8. I haven't bought it yet, but I would take it soon. The feedback I have so far is that there are a lot of highways so it's not great for convoys, but any convoy is good to test, and there will surely be some in this new part of the map.
  9. @Mr Barbecue Si tu veux, nous en faisons déjà pour notre part. OCSC Event est une communauté créé par des Français, et dirigée actuellement par moi-même et un ami Français, nous sommes un staff international comprenant des Allemands, Belges, Indiens, Roumains, Czech, Grecs, Colombiens, Americains et Brésiliens... Notre communauté compte pas moins de 670 membres internationaux suivis des 4 coins du monde et organisons des Events mensuels fréquemment, et en Event server. Notre but a toujours été de rassembler les communautés, pas que francophones, sur des convois pour s'ouvrir les uns aux autres, et je dois dire que cela fonctionne très bien. Le seul défaut que nous rencontrons actuellement c'est que la communauté francophone semble ne pas apprécier se retrouver sur une communauté parlant exclusivement anglophone (notre cas) et du coup ne s'y intéresse pas vraiment. Cela dit, cela ne nous empêche pas de créer de gros rassemblements, mais encore une fois n'importe qui est libre d'y participer, à condition de faire preuve de respect et de courtoisie. Pour plus d'informations, rendez-vous sur mon profil de forum où vous retrouverez le lien discord et le site web OCSC professionnel. Et au plaisir de se croiser sur les routes
  10. Hello Fabien and people, Personally, I don't think that French VTCs are not invited on other international convoys. For our part, we receive many invitations, and they are not only related to OCSC Event but also to our VTC and our friends. As one respondent said, almost all convoys run by French VTCs don't communicate in other languages, and I think especially that the convoy times don't correspond with most of our English speaking VTCs friends. In any case, when you want to receive invitations, you also have to create exchanges by visiting each other's convoys. Every effort count... Best regards, Antho | OCSC Event CEO,
  11. Ravis de vous supporter sur votre Event 3 années de la TTFR @emerico! Je suis sûr que cela va être un magnifique Event avec un partenaire aussi bon que vous
  12. Description name : "straight truck with trailer" Suggestion description : It is therefore a straight truck (15 T) equipped with a simple small trailer, articulated on the base of the rear hitch of the truck. This set is available in most European countries, if I'm not mistaken, in all of them. Hello to TMP Staff, Here's a suggestion I've always wondered about "why didn't we ever get this addition on multi TMP?". Indeed, it seems that this set is available as a mod on the game's solo. Also, why can't we see it appear on the game ? The fact is that your game has evolved, we see important new features every year, in terms of new brands, new accessories, even new vehicles... I think it would be important to be able to access this vehicle on TMP, since the important thing is also the diversity of trucks or sets of trucks on the game (like the recent addition of tanks or trays) Gaining diversity in the game increases the number of players and brings the game back to life. Thank you for your reading and appreciation !
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