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  1. Also, another thing... I don't think that the players are properly notified about the speedlimiter servers itself. Only way they can find it out is forums or by some friend telling them. They won't understand what SL and NSL mean if they don't check the forums (and a lot of them are not on the forum, as lots of members previously mentioned). Also, as others have said, reverse the servers and see the results.
  2. In my honest opinion, SP is a better choice for now, considering how much the game tends to lag once someone enters/leaves the area or just the bad sync in which other players are litteraly teleporting every second (for a few meters, but still teleporting). Hopefully that'll be taken care of in later updates so that MP can be the better choice, but that's not the case for now.
  3. No speed limiter on EU 2 + less players (which means less lag)... Nice!
  4. To the people saying how it's unrealistic to have speedlimiter removed: If you want full realism then activate air break simulation, fuel consuption, etc in the options. I noticed a vid, in the 5th or 6th page (somewhere around those pages) where a guy posted a vid of himself driving and saying how it's unrealistic to have it removed while he has the "Automatic retarder" activated in options. Well if you want full realism, then just use the retarder by yourself, play by the air break simulation, etc, etc. EDIT: Automatic retarder is also the easiest way to flip your truck while braking in high speeds. Just saying.
  5. "Stay true to the original point of the base game." Base game has ability to disable it. Enough said. Anyways I like the decision of EU #2 having collision + no speed limiter therefore I can't argue with that.
  6. For those saying: EU 2 was for the speeders they should've stayed there, blah blah... The reason why EU 2 was not getting players is because it was simply no collission which made it bullshit. Most of us, that wanted the speed limiter off in the first place wanted to play it normally without speed limiter and not having it no collission as well. This is a simulator game, yes I agree with you and the trucks IRL are limited to 85 km/h. However, even if it's a simulator game it's still a game which we're playing to have fun. It is quite boring when you're alone on the road (at which in IRL you would have normal cars around, trucks, vans or what not) going 90 km/h which would be a bit too slow considering we wouldn't have anybody to watch out for except for the other truckers that might come from the other side every once in a while. Anyways, I'm glad they finally removed the speedlimiter as I finally got myself a reason to come back to ETS2MP.
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