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  1. Had a fairly smooth drive up from Ivalo to Kirkenes with @KGT l xTH3xMoDsZx l UK l UK @KGT | Greta on Keta | UK & @Andy_TMP (who I thank for the lovely screenshots). Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!









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      nice photo and scania ❤️ 

  2. Thank you for the follow!

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      J a n e k

      You're welcome! 

  3. Thank you for the follow!

  4. For a couple of months now the older Renault T has been my main truck on my Promods ETS2 profile, and it's been a pleasure to drive, so will have to see what the facelift looks like in the KGT colours! Still waiting for a Renault tuning pack to release at some stage!
  5. Thank you for the follow Fezz ❤️

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      You're welcome, I saw you stalking my profile yesterday so I thought I'd return the favour 😛


  6. Did a whopping 1500 mile convoy from San Diego - Las Vegas via Salt Lake City, utilising the rather unique 5 flatbed ATS trailers. A special thank you to @Luna @Koneko & @Milo. for escorting/driving with us on the journey! ❤️


    Photo & Video credit goes to @Drift_Legend, the mastermind behind these trailers! 



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      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      Hmm... very long 👀

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      sDev (REC)(G27)

      This is impressive look at how many trailers 👀

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  7. Thank you for everyone who has messaged either here or on Discord. It really means so much to see all the support!


    #тєαмкgт (Photo credit goes to @Andy_TMP)


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      [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP

      Hello Admeen

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      You're welcome Admeeen ❤️

  8. The principle is a fantastic idea, especially as it's something the community (myself included) has been asking for for a long while. My only fear is, as mentioned by @Granite, whether the vehicle assets brought in will only contain recycled sounds and interiors from the Skoda, as was the case (from my understanding) at previous real ops events. However, I would not put it past the developers to throw in a small extra surprise or two here, especially given that they offered us a relatively limited choice in the initial poll.
  9. I really like this idea, and it ties in well with my point about the F7 in Duisburg being the heart of the problem. I can't recall the number of accidents that I've witnessed that have occurred in or near the fuel stations along the route, but it is a very high number. Having gas stations on both sides will not only reduce instances of people having to make a left turn in/out of a Gas Station across the main traffic route, but will also cut down on people entering the gas stations the wrong way and ending up blocking people who are trying to leave them. This may also reduce the report system impact slightly, as I can imagine many reports are made against players ignoring the no entry signs here. A good additional suggestion if gas stations were to be put in on both sides, would be to increase their size from what they are currently. 2 filler pumps can often lead to traffic backing up onto the CD road as people queue up, which increases the risk of a pile up behind or someone flying past on the wrong side of the road. Perhaps the ATS style gas stations with 4/5 lanes could be incorporated here instead? As for the traffic light suggestion, I like that too, as that's another accident blackspot at the moment. Currently if you're trying to exit the A16 at that junction, you usually have to rely on a big gap opening or in many cases, someone nice letting you go in order to proceed. A traffic light with similar timings to the one outside of Duisburg would make the traffic flow nicely, and would also slow traffic out of Calais down for the lane merge shortly afterwards. In this case, if it's possible, a more feasible solution would be to just eliminate the AI train that crosses at that road, much like has been done on crossings in newer DLC areas of the map.
  10. There's a better solution to this idea in my opinion - axe the F7 in Duisburg completely (not to mention as @StateCA (NL)said, the location you suggested is within a tunnel!). You have to consider that a large number of people who end up in there are people who are involved in accidents on the eastern end of the CD road (pretty much the entire section from the A73 motorway junction), and so it only takes an NCZ hacker or a couple of accidents in different places to send 10 people there at once. With the F7 missing from Duisburg, at least the burden on F7 recoveries from the CD road would be shared between Düsseldorf, Dortmund & Amsterdam, depending on where the accident location is. Düsseldorf would probably end up being busier as a result, but the city is slightly better designed, with the F7 being situated at the top end with a road circling the entire area. It's also not necessary to drive past the F7 entrance if you're leaving the city from the buyable garage or collecting cargo from one of the depots, which is something that has to be done in Duisburg.
  11. That's completely understandable, but 9 times out of 10 people going through red lights in busy areas do it deliberately. Arguably your point about NCZ hackers would actually do more good than harm, as it would clean up any carnage caused by them, and kick them off the server immediately before they cause even more chaos! Regarding the reversing back issue, see my earlier post about box junctions.
  12. Perhaps another solution (in the long term), is to implement an auto kick system if players go through a red light in a busy area? Whether this is actually possible, or would work feasibly, I do not know, but it may well be worth testing in the same way that Duisburg has been made all NCZ.
  13. When you look at traffic statistics, the peak traffic levels for Duisburg occur between 17:00 & 21:00 UTC on weekdays, and 13:00 & 21:00 UTC on weekends. Therefore a 24/7 approach to moderation there is not really neccessary.
  14. A rota system may not be such a bad idea. With around 120 staff with moderation perms, this would require a team member to take on a particular shift every 4 or so months, which is not exactly a burden, even with life outside of TMP.
  15. Sadly, I think the unique problem that is Duisburg will always be hard to cure, and many potential solutions that get implemented just have a knock on effect somewhere else. My personal suggestion would be to change the traffic light timings on the central junction in Duisburg, as this area is the heart of the gridlock due to drivers coming out of the F7. Currently, these lights have a sequence as per the standard SCS base game cities, and therefore the green light duration can be quite short. A proposal here could be a similar timing sequence to the light outside of Duisburg that TMP added, which has a much longer green than any of the other lights in the standard base game. This could allow a large traffic to clear the F7 at one time, which would prevent people stacking up outside the entrance and blocking anyone trying to enter. The other idea could be the addition of a left filter light for the F7/tunnel sides, which could enable traffic from the F7 to head out of Duisburg on the peak route more easily. Of course, there will always be people that ignore the lights, which no one can do anything about. My other idea is to implement what we call "box junctions" in the UK, essentially areas with a yellow hashed line, in which stopping on is illegal. If correctly obeyed, this would stop traffic getting boxed in and trapped on the central junction in Duisburg, which is the main cause of jams in the area. Perhaps if GMs are in the area, then a no nonsense rule of anyone stopping on such a junction without room to exit it being teleported could also be added? This could potentially be hard to police though, and could also provoke complaints being made against staff. This system, if successful, could be expanded to other areas of the map, like junctions on the CD road, busier cites on Sim servers, or even up at Kirkenes on Promods. Awareness of these junctions and their meaning could be added to the TMP knowledge base, much like the recent "Smart Motorway" signs that were put on last year. If the current idea of a total NCZ in Duisburg is maintained permanently, and once awareness of it spreads, then I feel that traffic will just head to the neighbouring cites of Düsseldorf and Köln instead, which are already reasonably busy. I also note that according to statistics, Amsterdam seems to have got busier this weekend too. This could be a coincidence, but also a sign that maybe people are starting to head elsewhere already....
  16. Washington, without a question. There are so many hidden areas (like Mount St Helens or the Bellingham Forestry road) which make it worth exploring!
  17. Unpopular opinion, but I don't find the IVECO (Hi-Way) too bad! It comfortably took a 27 tonne load up the Kirkenes Quarry road in Promods, which I really struggled to cope on in a DAF!
  18. Anywhere in the Black Sea DLC area is worth checking out. The cities sprawl a lot more and have more hidden away areas. I must say that Ruse (in Bulgaria) is my favourite of these!
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