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  1. Updates -Corrected the grammatical error of the article. -Add MedalTV on #6 due to many people recommend. (Now, you can check its website and why it is recmmend in this article)
  2. Congrats! 🎉

  3. Hey, @Hui_Hui You can solve it by go to your website Profile -> Settings -> Linked Games / DLC -> Check DLC Hope I can help you. Sincerely, Alan
  4. The best VTC manager and the best person!! ❤️

    Take care!

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  9. Hello, @Bazilus For the first question: After you open the ”Tab“ menu, Right-click and you'll see your in-game mouse pointer. For the second question: If you mean reconnect to the server without leaving the game. The answer is Not yet. But this will achieve in the future. As Smoky said: "We are working on a system to make reconnecting easier." And more information can be found here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ By the way, here are some Keybinds for TruckersMP (More: https://truckersmp.com/kb/85) [,] - Used to change to a lower CB channel. [.] - Used to change to a higher CB channel. [Y] - Used to open the chat menu, use [ENTER] to send your message. [X] - Used to activate the CB Radio (voice chat), release to stop talking. [TAB] - Used to show the nearby players, report, settings and previous players. [F9] - Used to disable chat. [F11] - Used to disable nametags and the [TAB] menu. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hope i can help you. SIncerely, Tony Hope i can help you. SIncerely, Tony
  10. Thanks Smoky and everyone. It's so wonderful.
  11. Congratz Reportmeen ? :PogU: spacer.png

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    Happy birthday to you~ happy birthday to you~ happy birthday dear karol~ happy birthday to you. spacer.png (Happy everyday! ?)

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