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  1. Deleted all files related to the game and uninstalled it. I reinstalled the game from 0 with SweeFX v2.0 and now works perfectly Problem solved! Thanks for your help guys, the best solution was to uninstall all the files and reinstall the game..
  2. Just tried now. It does the same and moreover the game stop running (I mean that it closes and I have to run it again..)
  3. My NVIDIA drivers are updated. I already tried this option and it didn't work.. Still searching for an issue to fix my problem
  4. Hello, Thanks for answering. My in-game scaling is 125% and I changed it twice it does the same thing.. I removed all the mods and turned off HDR, there's still the same problem. I will get mad..
  5. Hello guys, I'm writing here to ask you if you have an issue for my graphic problem. When I launch ETS2 or TruckersMP, I have a problem with the brightness of the game. The brightness is very dark, I tried to resolve it by simply changing graphic configuration but few seconds or minutes later it changes again ang get darker.. Here's pictures about my problem : Have a good night!
  6. Good luck to all! There's already great shots!
  7. Thanks to all and congratulations [email protected] & @??G?? #I?T?RCOOL?R. Very nice shots!
  8. Ça peut être cool de faire un regroupement entre francophones, personnellement je ne suis pas contre mais il faut bien prendre le temps d'organiser les choses pour pas qu'il y ait de problèmes si un éventuel regroupement comme tel se fait. J'ai confiance en cette communauté, vous faites du très bon travail donc je suppose qu'il ne pourrait pas y avoir trop de souci à se faire sur la gestion de cet événement. Je suis donc pour ce type d’événement et j'ai pleinement confiance en @Kibatsume, @Caernage et tous ceux qui y contribueraient. Bon courage à vous!
  9. I joined TruckersMP on January 31, 2015. I registered to the forum on April 1, 2015.
  10. In my case, I find it very useful because when someone ramms you and gives you more than 30% damage, you can gain time by using this function (also, take note of those who takes too much time to go to service because of their configuration..)
  11. 1. Do you use motor brake? Yes I do. 2. Do you play on a steering wheel? Yes I do (Logitech G25 Steering Wheel) 2.1 Do you use sequential shifting or H-Shifter? Sequential shifting because my H-shifter is broken :'( 2.2 Do you have 2 or 3 pedals? 3 pedals. 3. What is your favorite truck? Mercedes-Benz, the best or nothing! haha 3.1 How many HP does it have? I'm driving the Mercedes-Actros MP4 1845, it has 449hp. 3.2 What is the cab configuration? Standard configuration (my company is bad with me.., i'm joking of course) 4. How many DLC’s do you have (write them)? Full DLC (Going East, Scandinavia, France, Italia, High Power Cargo Pack, Scania & DAF DLC, Cabin Accessories, etc.) 5. Do you join convoys? Only those of my company. 6. Do you sometimes go C-D just for fun? No I don't. If my GPS tells me to take this road, I try to avoid it or when I want to get some fun, I use this road (but it's very rare..)
  12. The most beautiful thing for me is to see how TruckersMP has evolved ! I remember the old days when we were only between 5-10 people and it was lagging so much in every city (for example when you were trying to follow someone, it was just impossible because he or she just was stopping several times because of the lag inside the game and so you were dying while he was continuing to drive lol).
  13. I tried both the online audio converter and Id3 remover. Them both worked but the online audio converter takes too much time to upload my musics so Id3 remover was the best option for me. Problem solved! Id3 remover is the solution to this kind of problem. Thanks for your answers!
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