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  1. Just please make it simply eu 1 speed limiter on 90km/h and eu 2 no speed limit, just like it always have been and thats the way it should be!
  2. Thank you for adding the Limiter back
  3. Actually there is a big difference if the Speed limiter would be on. If you think, you are driving 90km/h, how can the troll catch u, if it wouldn't be enabled and you drive 90km/h they will just go past u +120km/h and let's say ram you off.
  4. We are working on servers so they are offline. Due to sync problems, we will create two servers EU #1 and EU #2 with the same specifications (collisions enabled, speedlimiter disabled) with a limit of 2 300 users instead of one server with a limit of 5 000 users now. Now let's hope they turn on the Speed Limiter on EU #1 and never touch it again EU #2 Will be just the same as EU #1 except it will have speed limiter disabled. This is how i want it to be.
  5. It probably won't affect on anything, i've reported people so many times, never i have seen an admin punishing them or anything, they seem to be way too busy banning people for Overtaking at EP
  6. Yeah.. with this update probably no one will follow the speedlimits anymore lol.. even if people didnt follow the road rules when the speedlimiter was on, its way way way worse with the speed limiter off.
  7. Yeah well it just needs to be there because it wouldn't be really realistic that there is 20 trucks at the same time trying to park in the same spot..
  8. I've reported more than 10 people and nothing has happened to them.. blocking, trolling, ramming etc.. Nothing it just seems that most of the admins spend their day at EP
  9. I really do hope that this Speedlimiter Disabled is just april fools.. It makes no sense to disable it when they have a server with it already disabled.. There is so many people who can't even control the truck with 90km/h / 55mp/h, think about it when the Double Trailers are released... it'll be madness If it really is going to stay disabled i might aswell player singleplayer then.. no point of playing Euro Truck Racing 2 Multiplayer..
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