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    The new Scania Opticruise gearbox explained



  2. Winter Is Coming , hope to be the think with sync same delivery, like on convoi sesion .
  3. Can't Get You Out Of My Head  



  4. Good quality of photos , and nice job, thank you for share the info with us .
  5. Jocelyn Pook Masked Ball Normal Version WITH LYRICS , in the original  movie they play the song with the reverb  voice .



  6. Nice ,i will test in 5 min .brb with edit
  7. In acest topic vom pune poza sau poze cu noi , fara comentari sau troling va rog frumos,fiecare avem defectele noaste ,plus sa nu riscam sa ne inchida topicul . In this topic we will put the picture or pictures of us , without comments or troling please ,plus we do not risk closing of the topic.
  8. i think canada will be made just from promod. ProMods - Index page
  9. im a lover of techno , but i list also a lot of trucker fm, rock, everything apart sleeping music
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