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  1. First off all good evening all o/ now for the topic: NCZ won't solve any issues as I said on the Release thread Duisburg city is now just one massive service station and this won't fix anything. For a GM to label players is hitting rock bottom and I can imagine that if one of us 'labelled people' would use that in the way he did we would get an appropriate punishment for it but let me guess a person with the red name gets away without even needing to apologise? sad sad. Just because some of us enjoy to drive a certain road it makes us bad players? Very disappointing what this communi
  2. NCZ is a bad idea. Now the entire city is basically one giant service station and at the exits people fight to get infront of other people which results into the same mess that the service station had previously. Very disappointed. If I wanted to drive in NCZ I would go and play on Arcade.
  3. slam your breaks irl while driving on an icy road and see what happens
  4. Right, so you're saying that we are ignoring your video evidence, yet you're the one ignoring the fact that we clearly stated that you are abusing the winter physics in a way that they shouldn't be used. You are literally not even driving on the road you're just trying to bug them out on purpose. You claim you have years of experience yet your driving shows differently. People who actually can drive and know how to use the winter physics properly are now being punished because of unexperienced players who don't know how to use them and abuse them instead. You claim the winter mod is unrealisti
  5. Ty for follow nub NpcSnYt.png

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