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  1. Control settings are and have always been "keyboard only". The rest is greyed out. non-linearity is on the very far left, putting the sensitivity to the very left would be not practical for driving, because it would be too slow on turning. also i've just adjusted this menu option serveral days ago first, but the issue has been there much longer. Yes I always use transmission with retarder. I have to check if it makes any change when I use another transmission. As far as I remember the issue accoured with nearly every truck thats in the game. Also the issue came up uphill, downhill and on smooth terrain. NO, my problem is not solved yet. Please give me some time to find out what the problem really is. I tell you when I can definetely have solved the issue. €dit (12.08.2020): It is NOT caused by the cruise control. I did not use this function in 2 convoys. At first I had no problems, but just 10 min ago in another one my truck suddenly steered to the right on the motorway right infront of another driver who wanted to overtake. Luckily I crashed into the barrier and not into the other truck. Hopefuly he did not report me. I said sorry, but whatelese could I have said? So please... if anyone has another idea where that stupid issue could come from, please let me know. @Mods: please do not close this thread. It seems to be the only one with this issue for now. But I know that others have the same problem so maybe there is someone who has an idea...
  2. I've already found that first video, but it is meant for using a steering wheel and seems not to work with keyboard only. The other thing looks interesting, but for any reason no streaming tool works for me or I am too dump to use them. I will have to try it later again. The load doesn't mind. Not the weight, if axles are steerable or not and not the length on the trailer. Also it has nothing to do with braking because it happens at full speed. Unfortnately I have noone to lend another keyboard or gamepad or anything like that. In the meantime I tested along and after my last tour from Stuttgart to Dijon I did not use the cruise control. Normaly I use that because its hard to hold speed by using the keyboard. This time I just put in the speed limiter and tried to keep the speed downhill under 100 kph (trucksbook tour). On the whole 542 km I had no issue. Maybe this was just happenstance and I can't really imagine how the cruise control could effect the steering, but this is what I found out. And after that I found a steam post, where someone made the same experience. Doesn't make any sense for me and I really want to keep on using that cruise-control, but at the moment I will have an eye on this option and will keep on driving w/o cruise control for some time to see, if it has to anything with that. On one hand I hope it does, so I know how to "fix" that problem. On the other hand I hope its not the cruise control, because I really enjoy using that function. I will let you know soon... €dit: Now I am unsure. I just drove a convoi with more than 1300 km, did not use the cruise control and had no problem. The driver behind (also using keyboard) was using the cruise control and had no problems and just 5 to 10 minutes after he had deactivated it, he slammed into a wall, because of the steering issue. Now is the question: Did I have no problems because I did not use the cruise control or was it just luck? And if it was okay because of not using it, why the driver behind me had this issue after he stopped using it???
  3. Hi there! Since about 2 month I have a big problem with ETS2 / TMP. My truck suddenly steers to the right or left without doing anything. I AM USING THE KEYBOARD ONLY. I've read about that problem several times, but normaly its caused by steering wheels. So all of those tipps and tricks did not help me at all, because I can't set rotation axles and stuff by using just the keyboard. I already did a lot of searching for that problem that occours to other players aswell, but haven't found much helping stuff for now. What I've tried already - reset my keyboard configuration and reconfigured it to my needs - deleted the AFK-Bot-Text, so nothing is written to the chat while driving - tried different steering intensities - used different trucks w/ loaded and unloaded trailers and even without trailer It happens suddenly and w/o any warning. It's no special moment or place or speed or anything, so I don't have any idea why or when or due to what. It doesn't matter if I am loonely or if there are hundreds of other players around me. It doesn't depend on the FPS as far as I know. It comes in curves or on straight streets. I really have no idea but I have to solve that problem. As far as I know I haven't had that issue in singleplayer, but I hat it very often in TMP. Just in the convoi yesterday it happens 3 times. The driver behind me had it twice that evening. That issue is quite tricky, because for others it could seem like I steered toward them for ramming, blocking or stuff like that! I do not want to end up with a ban because of that stupid issue! Sure, it is possible to stop that sudden sharp steering by hitting the left or right arrow the direction the truck is moving, BUT NOT THAT QUICK. Also it is unnatural to steer in the direction the truck is breaking out. The normal reaction is to steer to the other side to avoid an accident, but unfortunately this is the most fatal thing you can do - but you always will... So please help me solving that damn issue. I am member of the VTC "Auf Achse" and we do a lot of convois and there is no place for uncontrolable trucks. And of course it doesn't make fun anyways.
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