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  1. Great job DEVS! Scandinavia, here I come
  2. Sarcasm? Just installed R5, results in: Error: Need to have R5 when starting MP.
  3. Great post as always. BTW It's kmph left, mph right for cars, lol. Glad he linked to the article afterwards in his next post so everyone can check the TRUE speed limits for trucks in europe.
  4. Not really, those are CAR limits. Maybe replace the picture with truck max. speeds? Thanks
  5. So NO more NSL and NO more simulation server. I'm not gonna write what I'm thinking right now (dont wanne get banned) but NOT the best choice to make, mister and misses developers.
  6. Any server available with 90km outside? Oh... EU2, here I come *cheers*
  7. Exactly this. I would not have mind switching to #2 if that would have been the simulation server (80-90 kmph is the avg. max allowed speed for trucks in the EU anyway). The admins have done a great job and the best they can to give players the choise what kind of gameplay they like/want most.
  8. I'm glad Speed limited is on, on one of the servers. I would have preferred it being EU2 as well actually
  9. Totally agree with this post. Havent been able to complete a single delivery without gatting rammed @ 140kph
  10. Rest in piece ETS2 EU MP. Your server is starting having major lag issues already now with 2400-2500players (players start to spawn only 200meters in distance and entering a chat takes more than a second to be accepted), combine that with all the people abusing the speed limiter. I'll try the US server (when it's online) instead. What a shame...
  11. Here are my highlights of 30 minutes of 0.1.5 patch with speedlimiter off. This decision really ruined the simulator part of the game. Please give the USA server the speedlimiter and add guns to the EU server so they can have their GTA gameplay over here... ( i dont mind the higher ping connecting to USA if that means more serious players )
  12. Basically the greatest mistake to make, removing the speed cap. Many players already don't keep to the general traffic rules. This is gonna bring even MORE havoc than before. I surely hope you will reconsider this asap.
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