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  1. Hi, I'm not able to find any info about the spring mod, apart from install page. How does it look like? What's the difference with vanilla ETS2 and how long will it remain active? Thanks
  2. HI, in simulation 1 and 2 we have 90km/h speed limit but everyone is going faster than that. So, why speed limits aren't enforced like ETS2 SP does?
  3. Yeah, I had a couple disconnection IIRC, so it must be it. Thanks
  4. I was in the middle of a deliver, so I guess 600 seconds should have already been passed since I logged on.
  5. Hi, any reason why I had to wait 600 seconds before I could use the /fix command? Someone rammed into me and I had to cancel the job or just wait for the command to be available.. I hadn't used it before, it was the first time I ever typed it. Thanks
  6. Yeah, you can close this.
  7. Hi. The past 2/3 times I played I couldn't see anyone connected.. No one is on the road, no one in my "tab" window, it looked like I wasn't connected to the server.. Do you have an explanation? I successfully login and then when I enter the world I can see my status as being in queue and then it says connected, but still no one was there when I played.
  8. I have disabled Steam Cloud since I started playing MP and I don't have the game installed in 2 different directories. Also, there's no need to copy the backed-up profile because my folders are alright; as I mentioned earlier it's just a hiccup and the second time I start the game it usually works as intended.
  9. Hi, sometimes when I open TMP, login and then ETS2 opens, I get a window where it asks me to create a new game profile, like if I have none. Then I simply quit ETS2 from Steam, open up TMP again and it usually works. Is this a known issue?
  10. Thanks @ASIR [CZE] I'll try that. @TARK777 Problem solved.
  11. Hello, I've been in Poland the past few days and I was never able to find any job in several cities; freight market pages were always empty so I had to use WoT external market jobs. Why is that? Is it an issue on my side only? Thanks
  12. Unfortunately it didn't work.
  13. Hello, even if I set ETS2 to always run in BIG Picture mode, any time I launch TMP it goes back to standard Steam overlay. Is there a way to launch TMP with BIG Picture? I sometimes need to make changes to my controller config in-game. Thanks
  14. Yeah, it's solved. Thanks @BL4CK$K1LL
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