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  1. Today our photography technology has improved, and we will work harder in the future to take more perfect photos for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Today, we ZC VTC participated in the first anniversary of China CVT VTC. The activity has been successfully completed. Photographer: ZC-055 Lieying
  3. We participated in the first anniversary of the Chinese Friendship Team, and the activity was successfully completed. Photographer: ZC-055 LieYing.
  4. Welcome to ZC VTC's self-media gallery. This gallery will share with you our daily sourcing journey. All photos are from ZC VTC professional videographer: ZC-055 Lie Ying.
  5. happy Birthday

    @-Ant@xLostCostx @kubekson @StateCA (NL)@jiranthos

    @Miles! @FoneeYT   @[email protected]

  6. good evening

  7. 众诚车队招人啦!!! 车队介绍 中国众诚车队成立于2020年3月6日,现拥有400多名玩家。车队是中国友谊团队的成员之一。车队已成为友谊竞速赛《冠军》称号车队。 车队正在努力成为国内最优秀的车队,同时车队也致力于维护游戏环境,改善国外玩家对中国玩家的印象。 车队福利 月福利 联运八次:斧头或赛博加速器月卡一张 联运十五次:水杯,鼠标垫,微信拼手气红包(三选一) 年福利 联运次数前二的队员送方向盘一套 第一名:莱士达方向盘 第二名:科腾方向盘 (2021年5月1号至2021年12月31号) 车队比赛 竞速赛,碰撞赛,倒车赛 (第一名50元,第二名30元,第三名20元) (每个月都有,三选一来比赛) 加入车队要求 1:年满12周岁以上 2:要有正版本体欧卡2 3:要遵守车队规则和车队联运规则 在此欢迎广大喜欢欧洲卡车模拟2的玩家加入我们 车队QQ接待群:693334480 链接: https://jq.qq.com/?_wv=1027&k=0Jm9tEnx 车队YY频道:816576 链接: https://z.yy.com/lWNjM4vcEs0
  8. A photo of a police car taken with my friend.
  9. I like Scania very much. This truck is also known as the king of trucks in the real world. The appearance, interior and configuration of this car have deeply attracted my attention. Very comfortable, start acceleration super fast, the sound of the engine sounds very comfortable.
  10. I bought the Iberia DLC when it was released. The scenery is beautiful and I like it very much.
  11. After the Iberian DLC was released, I bought this DLC with enthusiasm. After I went to the game, I was a little disappointed. The map is full of high-speed kilometers, which makes me feel very boring. But what is irrefutable is that the scenery on this map is really beautiful.
  12. I am using OBS video recording software, thanks for this article, let me know the advantages and disadvantages of these video recording software.
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