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  1. Morning.

    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      Good morning :) i hope you have a awesome  day  mate 

  2. If @FirestarteR93 could control traffic lights for a day... 


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. FirestarteR93


      If I could, I'd give you nothing but red lights

    3. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      I'd put them all on green. xDDDD

  3. Just an update I won't be doing Photoshop requests for much longer. So if you need a signature or cover let me know soon.

  4. yWCHzZE.jpg

    1. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      Add it to your cover and it will look better xD

    2. Shovali


      Thank you so mach !!!! 

  5. Made a new cover photo.

    1. Penguin


      Looks awesome ^_^

    2. Shovali


      you can make one for me

  6. Has anyone watched PewDiePie's Trypophobia video?

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    2. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      I mean when they watch it and know they won't like it then in the comments put I don't like this omg it's gross and complain.

    3. Shovali


      i think the same thing  we Brothers XD B)

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Nope I don't watch PewDiePie :P I watch Jacksepticeye :P 

  7. Hello all. How are we doing?

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      Not too bad. Excited for that Guitar xDDD

  8. I decided after a few years break, I'm going to buy a Fender Stratocaster to get playing again. Can't wait! 


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    2. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      I did also want: http://prntscr.com/c70w5c but it's only right handed and I'm left. Plus it's £1,400

    3. Cyrusj


      ^^ That is sexy.

    4. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      it's the guitarists guitar of one of my fav bands. :P

  9. Morning wonderful people.

    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      Good Morning man , how are you this morning ? :) 

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  10. Finally completed Just Cause 3, please don't hate me. XD

    1. videogamer


      have you completed all 3 dlc?

  11. Now a Beta Tester for WOTRDB.com. Cheers guys and especially @Cooper's Freightmaster:P

    1. Cyrusj
    2. Zyder


      Congrats man. Great team of people, you'll enjoy your time there :D

  12. Who do you want as the new Vice-Project Manager?


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    2. El1teZombiezHD


      At least it is a Promotion and not a Demotion


    3. Smalley


      It's like friday the 13th, Panda gets Mod and Elite gets troll player

    4. Mr Banned

      Mr Banned

      For trial sup?

      ... demo sup

  13. My t-shirt design for TMP:

    (Work In Progress)


  14. I'm not sure if I should sleep or not...

  15. Anyone else excited for this game?


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    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      any ways thank you so much @Mr Ghost , i let my older bro know , hopefully he can  let me know more about the game etc.. 


      the game looks so cool it really does , as what i saw in the video got my attention , when it comes to simulation multiplayer games i look into it  


      i would never know about this game if it wasn't for  u  to come and let us know ,   thanks for that much appreciated  :D


      the only thing i am looking forward to is the home  and if i can  use my steering wheel  for this game ,  how many players on the server , but i know that  this game is new etc.. 

    3. Miles!


      And so what? So your trying to tell me that any game with membership has NO trolls? Are you foreal? 

      It's you that doesn't understand that if people want to cause havoc they will, regardless of the environment. 

      If they believe they can get a good laugh trolling other players, they will buy membership and do so until they get bored of the game or just play it legitimately. 

      Or, They could be legit at some points and decide to actively troll for a bit then go back to normal. It's how it works, hardly anyone ONLY ever trolls in video games. Even I annoy other people intentionally on GTA Online, even tho 95% of the time I'm playing nicely, it is fun to have a bit of a laugh. What's to say someone buys the game with the intention of playing it normally, but suddenly finds a way they could have a lot of fun annoying people and decide to abuse it.  So please don't make comments that imply membership fee's cancel out trolls because they don't. I get your point, Free games will attract more trolls due to there being almost no limitation on stopping but membership fees only reduce that effect a bit.


      Secondly, Please explain how " This game is nothing like Second Life."

      Quotes from their relevant pages:

      "Second Life is a free 3D virtual world where users can socialize, connect and create using free voice and text chat."

      "Identity is a modern-day open-world MMORPG with complete freedom and a focus on player interaction, from Asylum Entertainment."


      So there we have it, Like I mentioned the foundations of the game are similar. A virtual world with the idea of player interaction and socializing. 

      Now, Just a few more similarities....

      Both have systematic roleplaying. Own a shop, Join a company or police force, become criminals etc...

      Both contain advanced property ownership and development of owned houses. 

      Both have player-made content available for purchase with ingame currency

      Both have social player activities such karaoke on a real life scale, and I assume more will come to Identity that already appear in second life. 

      Did I mention that the basis for both is player interaction and socializing? 

      Both have fully interactive musical instruments. 

      Both have a very complex economical systems. 


      I could go on for a while but I'm going to sleep in after this. So please, Elaborate on how this game is "Nothing" like Second life...

      SL is old, It's like, nearly 15 years old or something and it's very out dated and just can't support the level of realism Identity offers aside from being a fantasy themed game. 

      The two games have their similarities and differences, I'm not saying the Identity is a copy of SL at all, I'm just saying, when you look at it from a trolling perspective, the options match quite well. 


      I'm not saying this game is going to be garbage, I actually think this game has a lot of potential and I do expect it to do very well and I've considered pre-ordering for a while now, but you go into any game and there's always toxic players that trouble people. You look at what options they have to cause trouble in the game and you can just see that the more methods available the more they are likely to be abused.



    4. FirestarteR93


      Status update locked on its author's request

  16. Welp, I got nothing to do XD

  17. I'm still editing my 375 photos xD I think I'm on like 360 something. uhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  18. Ok, I'm going to thank some people such as: @TruCkDr1V3r , @MrHarv , @Trucking Australia, @Tuxy Fluffyclaws, @Digi7al and many more for letting me Drive on the wrong side of the road today and letting me take pictures for the whole day. You supported me in this and I thank you so much!

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