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  1. I respect your opinion, but how can accidents happen on empty roads? I don't want the speed limit of the Duisburg - Calais road to be increased. I say increase the speed limit because the other main roads are empty.
  2. Keep fooling yourself like that. Really, your thoughts should be a joke.
  3. Speaking of realism In real life, there are trucks that can go very fast. Samples available There was a server for simulation lovers. But you've always chosen a server without a speed limit. Now you're saying this game is a simulation game. You're joking.
  4. I play this game by the rules. But I also wanted to tell you what I thought. And don't interfere with where and how people play. If I'm writing my own ideas, just read it and respect it. If you don't respect my ideas, don't write it again just read it. Besides, if there's another multiplayer mode, let's play there. Otherwise, don't waste time writing.
  5. Server without speed limit does not fill up too much because, No collision Shut down the Arcade server. Set the speed limit for the SIM2 server to 150km. Let's see which server will fill less time. If I'd registered the game, I'd give you a lot of reports. But I don't want to deal with reporting. I assure you, that's what other people think. Anyway, we were once waiting in line to get on the server. Now we're going in without waiting in line. Long live the new TMP.
  6. https://hizliresim.com/DvHJVb As you can see in the picture, the troll players in the game are unfinished.People are waiting for long minutes for the road to clear.What is the real purpose of the speed limit? Isn't it about reducing accidents in the game and destroying troll players? As far as I can see, these have not diminished, even proliferated. To me, the only loser is tmp because the servers are empty. because of the current outbreak and the next update, the servers have nothing to do with being empty. Because the 1.37 update arrived, the game was not full again.
  7. The servers were very full when there was no speed limit on this platform. People were even waiting in line to get into the server. If I were the owner of TMP, I would remove the limit for all roads. Anyway, I'm not going to write anymore. I hope one day the speed limit will be lifted. The topic can be closed.
  8. Are you trying to tell me there were no accidents in the game? I'm on D-C Road every day, and accidents happen, and everyone hits each other, so you can't finish accidents by lowering the speed limit, you can't finish the trolls in the game.
  9. I want you to do the same thing, just like I respect everyone's opinions and their opinions. If something I want bothers you, you can only tell your opinion, but you can't tell me what to do. Besides, I have no intention of competing. The Duisburg-Calais road can remain at a fixed speed limit of 110km. What I want is to increase the speed limit of other empty roads. If you still don't understand, you don't have to write anything.
  10. There were people driving on other roads when there was no speed limit. I was seeing a lot of people. I wasn't going down the DC Road when there was no speed limit because it's better to drive on different roads. But now there is a speed limit and most roads are empty. And I don't understand why you don't want the speed limit lifted. I want the speed limit lifted on all roads except D-C. The D-C route may remain at a speed limit of 110 km or less. You can also populate the server faster. Because when there was no speed limit, there were more people who wanted to play this game. I remember waiting in line to get into the server. I hope you understand and the people involved will see that and do something about it.
  11. You don't think it was an accident? If you think so, you're all blind. Those driving on D-C are probably seeing how many accidents there have been. Pull the speed limit of this game to 50km, again accidents will continue to happen. People who don't want the speed limit lifted can play the normal game. The real simulation you get the pleasure of the game with AI.
  12. I drive on the Duisburg-Calais Road. It's like a crash truck simulation game. Everyone is bumping into each other, making dangerous lane-changing violations, driving through the grass and hitting other people. I've seen a lot of examples, so the 110km speed limit doesn't work. Personally, if the speed limit of other roads was 150km, I wouldn't even go the D-C Road. But I drive on the D.C. road because the roads are empty and it's boring to drive at 110km. I don't think the speed limit will change at the end of this problem, but I wanted to convey my thoughts. It's no longer a truck-riding simulation. Now it's a truck accident simulation game.
  13. You may not be bored when you drive 110km on the empty road. that's none of my business. We can't question it because everyone has different tastes. But going 110km on the empty road is really boring. I wanted to tell you what I think, whether you agree with me or not. The D-C Road can remain steady at 110km. But the speed limit for other roads should be 150km.If you still don't want to know what I'm saying, You don't have to write it. I would also like to say that the servers were more full in this game when there was no speed limit.
  14. Going 110km alone on empty long roads is really boring. Ladies and gentlemen, this may be a simulation game, but what's the point of playing it if I'm not enjoying it anymore? What fun is it to go 110km on an empty road? The speed limit for other roads other than the D-C Road should be raised.
  15. Why other roads, external to the Duisburg-Calais road, aren't drawn to the 150km speed limit. The long road is getting boring with 110km of speed. This game may be a simulation game, but not if you put the game in the same category as real life. Excessive speed in real life can get you out of your life. But there is no such thing in the game. Therefore, the speed limit of other roads, except the D-C Road, should be increased.
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