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  1. see this is where you are wrong unfortunately! Let’s use a real life situation in this case, for example, If I was to murder a mass amount of people and go to prison for it, do you think because I’ve served 8 years prison time I’m not going to come out of prison and do it all again? someone who’s broken the rules of the game should be banned to the duration of time set to each rule. someone’s mindset isn’t just going to change with a click of a finger, they’ve been banned once for breaking rules and then they feel the need to continue and break more rules by ban evading? In conclusion this is another one of truckersmp’s desperate decisions to try and gain numbers back onto their servers after losing so many genuine players due to silly and ludicrous rule changes! All that is happening now is that you are letting repeat offenders back into your servers to break rules again and just kill off all of your genuine players, it’s ridiculous!
  2. New Game Mods are doing exceptionally well!


    Things we all love to see as a community.


     Maybe if things were looked at for more than 2 minutes we wont have this issue!



    Have a good day/night all.



  3. congratulations! 

  4. Thank you for the follow @Agricultor [PT] ❤️


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  8. Dementia UK 2022 pending....?




    Photo credits - @Mingran7 ❤️ 

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  10. Thank you for the follow Lemonnnnnn❤️

  11. rest easy up there Speedy ❤️


  12. Renault T tuning pack?


    Who else is loving it?





    1. TDW24



  13. Its not one to many mistakes though, if you are to receive yourself a 30 day ban due to history then surely you should be re-considering your driving style or overall behaviour within the community and in game to prevent yourself from getting any further punishments. receiving 5+ amounts of bans in my eyes is someone who doesn't show or care about the rules that are in place and that have been in place for many years now! its simply unfair towards the people and players who actually respect these rules and regulations to allow repeat offender back into the game and community.
  14. Congratulations Fezzy on the promotion to Game Moderator leader, you deserved it ❤️ ?

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