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  1. I did it! After passing through a dozen cities, several countries, customs, refueling, repairs; After passing thousands of kilometers, turns, almost crashing a couple of times, I passed the Istanbul-Aberdeen route on Skoda. A couple of years ago I took a similar route (Szeged-Aberdeen).

    With interruptions, I went through it in 5 hours, observing the speed limits.

    The experience is unforgettable, as are the emotions at the end. I highly recommend going through this route on your own.
    Below are links to all more or less suitable photographs taken during the trip. Unfortunately, not many of them have been done (And that is almost at the end...).

    In the near future I will try to travel from Toulouse, for example, to St. Petersburg.


    1. AnotherAlex


      You use things like https://imgbb.com to upload larger images ;) You add them in a topic or status Update just by adding the URL and the Image is automatically shown, or you add some textlinks to that images or even a gallery on that Website ;)

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