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  1. Yes, is real. In adiction "Renault Trucks will be offering competitions on its social networks, with many prizes to be won via the hashtag #renaulttrucksevolutioniscoming" to the comunity of ETS2 .
  2. Thanks for the information. It is good to know
  3. Hello @ChillSkies , You can edit your license plate easy in the page of "World of Trucks". Only logging in with your Steam Acount you will get the access to edit your license plate and more. Kind Regards. Tesla
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    Only Good Vibes here ❤️ -Calais with @" Λ И G Λ Я Λ L I "-

    1. wesleyr99


      Very Good 👍👍👍

  5. Buenas Antonio Me referia a algún comando que me ayude a copiar directamente el ID sin tener yo que mirarlo y copiarlo a mano. Ejemplo de ello: /C 456 siendo este que me copie el ID de TMP. Permitiéndome poner nombre al clip instantáneo con tan solo la opción pegar. Parece algo muy complicado pero que a la larga nos ahorra el tiempo de cerrar el juego, fijarse clip por clip y designarle que video le corresponde a cada reporte como evidencia. De todos modos muchas gracias
  6. for the moment i am the winner :0
  7. Me gustaria un boton de "copiado" o un comando de copiado para sacar rapidamente el ID de un usuario para facilitar la tarea de reporte.
  8. The design of Mercedes MP5 looks very nice. MP5 would be a good option
  9. i would like to see Opel KR60 in the TMP servers. I think this model is so beautiful
  10. My favorites games that i spend alot of hours of my life in order are: 1) ETS2 2)Valorant 3)Rocket League
  11. Hello @Lena', In my personal opinion, The city of Duisburg is smaller than Calais (it is so easy to see this detail). You should to be in consideration the "physical space" Calais have. Having that point the required movements and maneuvers are so easy to consider. The city of Duisburg has fewers streets if you compare to the calais city. In this case there are many people in the same area. I think the best plan is not add no-collision zones in calais in particular because the experience of trucking may be afected. In the zone of calais you have some options to depart to this city. To finish my opinion i want clear the idea of "trucking may be afected": Calais being a "big" crowded city when you have signals to respect is more easy to move here,but if you add no collision zone the order may be satured. In the insolated case of Duisburg is more feasible liberate this small space soon posible. Kind Regards TESLA
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    "La Nave"


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    it was a beatifull convoy

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    ❤️ Me sirve @Mystere por tu ayuda. Se aprecia. Gracias @El Reja ❤️ (Big fan)


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