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  1. Hi @juvetele, In this case you have to change the game version. To do this, you must address the game properties by steam where you will put "none" in beta options. If you dont know how to target the steam properties, follow this steps: Enter to the steam destok application, Go to the library, Right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2, Finally: Properties. I hope I´ve helped you.
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  4. Hi @sacavsworld, you don't need any extension of the game to be able to run into the online servers.
  5. Hola @ivanzebhra, Primero que todo espero estés teniendo un bonito día. Una recomendación que te puedo dar para encontrar gente y pasar bonitos momentos en el juego es buscar una VTC o más bien una empresa de habla hispana o de algún idioma que puedas dominar... Para ello puedes encontrar una gama de opciones bastante amplia con tan solo ingresar en el siguiente link y filtrar por lo que deseas buscar: https://truckersmp.com/vtc Puedes elegir y contactar con ellos y te asesoraran en los pasos para ser miembro del grupo/VTC. Otra gran opción es entrando a rutas con
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  12. [ENG] Hello @luisran1, Your problem may be solved as simply as running the game with the "openGL" option offered by Steam when starting the game in single Player. [ESP] ¡Buenas Luis!, Es posible que tu problema se solucione tan simplemente como ejecutar el juego con la opcion de "openGL" que ofrece Steam al iniciar el juego en single Player. Saludos Cordiales, TESLA
  13. Hello @FBTC XTheBoss1X, It would be pretty good to bring the community another kind of vehicle to the platform. Considering the good side of this,would expand everyone's experience thanks to the great variety. Looking at it on the bad side, however, we may consider that the central idea of the game would be affected mainly if the game is called "Euro truck simulator 2". Anyway, I'd like the buses to be present.
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  19. As Spet said Daf is very efficient if we talk in term of fuel but i always take a Scania not only for the biggest engine. I feel good with the cab experience and aesthetic intervention we can do in this truck. Honestly, Volvo can be a good option with his 750 hp but in occasions it may be so expensive. In conclusion Scania is a good option (for me) to have low running costs. Ideal for your fleet .
  20. Yes, is real. In adiction "Renault Trucks will be offering competitions on its social networks, with many prizes to be won via the hashtag #renaulttrucksevolutioniscoming" to the comunity of ETS2 .
  21. Thanks for the information. It is good to know
  22. Hello @ChillSkies , You can edit your license plate easy in the page of "World of Trucks". Only logging in with your Steam Acount you will get the access to edit your license plate and more. Kind Regards. Tesla
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