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  1. Amdeeeeen happy birthday!



  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Have a wonderful and happy birthday!

  4. It just hit me, I swear I've seen the headlamps on the Renault before

    Turns out it might be inspired by the Toyota Avanza





    and with that, my mind's blown

    1. povgamer


      They look almost identical. 🤣

    2. .Pedro.
  5. Totally not running out of fuel



  6. Staying up late again (01:00 A.M) to join in the TruckersFM convoy after missing the last months one. It was a good drive!



  7. Wow just realised I haven't posted anything for quite some time now.

    So here's a Daf, gotta admit I quite like it in this livery. The orange rear view does take time for me to like it though


    1. Janisane


      nice pic!

  8. Had a fun short drive to Venice with @TFM_Voidand others as well



  9. I've enjoyed Iberia so far, how about you?






    1. wesleyr99


      It looks like your trip was fun 👍

  10. I actually liked the interior and exterior of the new Renault Truck. Performance wise would be debatable if it is good enough especially to most people who are used to 700+ HP engine but I would say it'll be capable for those who does job that requires you to drive under 100kph (62mph).
  11. First deliveries to Iberia! Anyone else hyped for the new Iberia DLC?




  12. ZiksBjG.jpg

    Stopping by the Renault garage to have a go on the new facelifted Renault

    Next stop? IBERIA!


    1. pofii


      Nice truck 🙂 

    2. HamsterSizedAsian


      @pofiiIndeed it is! Can't wait for the Iberia release so I can have a sort-of all new experience when it's released in about 12-13 hours (since I posted this comment)

  13. Morning [Or evening in-game] from Calais port! Had a great and safe drive with @Velcta, @El Reja also joined along the way. I wish I can tag more on this shot but don't seem to be available here ; - ;



    1. wesleyr99
    2. TFM_Void


      Bigfan I am of you! Great work you do at TFM :kappa:

    3. HamsterSizedAsian


      :kappa:ooo velcta, admeeen bigfan :kappa:

  14. Struggles of living in a way different timezones




    Pretty sure there must be some people out there who can relate to this

    I lived in the part of the world where I'm ahead of Europe by 6 or 7 hours, so it's quite hard for me to find the time to attend to TMP related events. Usually evenings in Europe that'd mean early mornings for me. 

    For me to attend these TMP related events on the weekends (Convoys, one time events, etc) I changed my sleeping schedule to sleep earlier than most people do and then wake up early mornings (2 or 3 a.m) when it's usually evenings around Europe (since most of the time, the events that I tend to attend to are events scheduled on UTC/UTC+1 timezone). I tend to brew coffee before go to sleep, put it in a tumblr then put it on the fridge just so I can wake up and have a nice cold coffee (might not be everyone's cup of... coffee but heyho).

    Anyone else can relate to this? If so, how would you deal with it?

  15. Lined up for the (yesterday's) Drag Race, didn't qualify but great job by the TMP team for hosting this event!


    1. H4RD1
    2. wesleyr99


      Very Cool 👍👍👍

  16. Just noticed the follow and I dropped one back

    Sorry for the late response, thanks a bunch!

  17. Selamat pagi/siang/sore/malam gan Mengingat beberapa bulan lalu ada convoy hari kemerdekaan, apakah mungkin ada komunitas khusus untuk pemain TMP (ETS2/ATS) dari Indonesia (Discord)? Mungkin bisa convoy atau job bareng biarpun dari VTC yang berbeda-beda. Kalau Convoy mungkin bisa ampir tiap minggu sekalian bawa bendera Indonesia biar bisa nunjukin kita juga ada
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