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  4. Olá @iitzin, Obrigado por compartilhar seu problema conosco, A mesma coisa já aconteceu comigo muitas vezes, e basta clicar com o botão esquerdo do mouse, para que o jogo reconheça o mouse e você possa usá-lo. Você também pode abrir a pasta Euro Truck Simulator 2, excluir config.cfg e tentar carregar o jogo. Espero poder ajudá-lo com seu problema. Uma saudação, Chichi_TMP
  5. Hello @tinou18 Thanks for sharing your problem with us, I leave you a video where you can see how to correctly install ProMods, step by step: ProMods page: https://promods.net/ Hope I can help you with your problem. Greetings, aldo_truck_-TMP
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    Hello @nbiehl381 Thanks for sharing your problem with us. Currently you must select the one that says [none], in the beta section, to be able to enter TruckersMP.? How to use it?: open Steam> Library> Euro Truck Simulator 2> Right click> Properties> BETAS and select [none]. Greetings, aldo_truck_tmp
  7. Hello @frogboi080 Thanks for sharing your question. This happens when you put parts from one truck to another, this is done using the base [codes] of the trucks. The same happens with the level and money of your profile, here is a test video so that you know more or less what the codes are: Greetings, aldo_truck_-TMP
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