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  1. It's just beautiful this update😍

  2. Hello @miniman814 thanks for sharing your question, Here is a solution: I hope I can help you. a greeting, AldoTruck.
  3. Spoiler

    gracias por seguirme!👁️❤️


  4. Banned @Unnamed88008 for responding to @Sbinotto07
  5. Salut @DragonAlpha56[YTB] Merci d'avoir partagé votre question. Voici un lien où vous pouvez voir votre problème, il vous suffit de faire défiler un peu vers le bas et vous verrez où il est dit [Unable to go faster than 90km/h or 110km/h]: J'espère pouvoir vous aider avec votre problème. Salutations, AldoTruck
  6. Hello @[VIVA] KillaQuito Thanks for sharing your problem with us, This error is due to the interior of the cabin you want to use. This bug has been officially confirmed and the development team should be reviewing it. For now the only solution is to change the interior of the Volvo or vehicle you are using. Here is the link where you will see the information: Greetings, AldoTruck.
  7. Thanks for follow, you have a good day❤️

  8. Version 1.39 is a recent version, which does not have ProMods yet. You can see this message on the ProMods page: Greetings, AldoTruck.
  9. hello @Yauso_Ki thanks for sharing your problem, If you are trying to enter the multiplayer mode, you must select the option [EXIT ALL BETA PROGRAMS], with this you can access to play in multiplayer mode without any problem. Here I will leave you the link where you can more easily fix this error using the version I recommend before this: Hope I can help you with your problem. a greeting, AldoTruck.
  10. welcome to the TruckersMP forum, hope you have a nice day😍❤️

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