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    1. HandOfClash


      Great picture! Nice to see you back ingame effing. :HaulieLove:

  2. ⭐ Photo after attending the Prime Logistics weekly convoy. ⭐


    1.  Tommy


      Clean and cool :mlg_doge:

    2. pofii


      Nice photo ? 

    3. Changas!


      Uffff Loooks gooood! 

  3. Spotted an old friend @A n t h o n y ❤️



  4. This wouldn't be a terrible idea and I'd love to see a few more places have their own world of trucks events, but when they do happen it's always been in a variety of places, so I'm not sure it's a huge issue. I suppose the challenge is to also accommodate for people who don't currently own any of the DLC, which does somewhat limit the locations that these events can take place in.
  5. Interesting to see for sure, I wonder if they'd ever add bus stops to some of the DLC's without bus stops currently.
  6. I'd love to see a few more events on the main servers, for example if a couple of TMP staff members decided they wanted to do something similar to a "Real Operation" on the main server, they would be able to. I think this would add a level of fun and interest that we've never really seen outside of Real Operation events before. I'd also like to see a few more map changes in busy areas, some of the ones we've already seen have been great, but I think there's still a few more things that could be done, both on the C-D road as well as maybe even at the Kirkenes Quarry.
  7. Looks interesting... Good luck everyone! ?
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