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  1. great, I like that extensive knowledge of different music and movies The movies I know them all and the techno music is very interesting, but I'm not much of watching series
  2. wooow that is a good breakfast, I would love to try all those things
  3. Ohhh I have tried very delicious dishes, not of Turkish origin but very similar, very rich and of excellent quality, one of my favorites is the raw creppe (I do not know if it is spelled like this) Delicious, the kebab, I only tried it 1 time and there are no words to explain how rich it is I do not know if it will have the same flavor, but here we eat something very similar hahaha, here we call it: Milanesa
  4. I love Sherlock Holmes movies, I saw his series and most movies, I like that classic touch, the best Sherlock Holmes performance that I liked was Robert Downey JR (tony stark xD)
  5. Niceeee Star Wars is great, I love its saga and everything, I think it has so much emotion and action at the same time that you are just excited to see it
  6. wow all those things sound so rich and so good, I would like to try the British culture that looks delicious, it looks like a pizza but I think it's better than a pizza
  7. @Polyxena [GER] wooow that is delicious, and as for their beer, they are right, I went to octoberfest that is made in Argentina and god, what a great craft beer
  8. Hello there, one of the typical foods of Argentina is barbecue and a very frequent drink taken in the afternoon is MATE (yerba mate to be exact) What food makes your country special?
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