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  1. Actually with the first truck he's doing 90 when the idiot blows by him on the shoulder. That's not over dramatizing, that's clear evidence.
  2. Actually real drivers do play this game... I'm one of them. If you can't stand driving safe than you have no place behind the wheel of a rig, plain and simple. That's why speed limits are enforced. This isn't Grand Theft Auto or Grand Turismo. It's not a racing game. It's a trucking simulator. That's why it has "simulator" in it's name. The "real drivers" you speak of are the ones who come here to enjoy the simulation of a driving environment, not to see how fast their truck can go down the highway. We want to properly back our trailers, not drive through everything just because it's a collision-free zone. We drive 50 in a 50 zone, not 90. We use our signals religiously, and make proper lane choises, because we want to. For me a 90kph limit was completely acceptable, and removing it has already caused a mess of GTA idiots on the freeway who need to have their licenses revoked.
  3. Oh man, we need the speed limiter. Actually it'd be great if it worked by limiting you to the actual speed limit. Can't even count how many idiots came flying past me doing 90 in a 50 zone, almost taking out my trailer in the process. No speed limiter is going to be absolute pandamonium. I swear, there should be a server for "professional drivers" only. Then again, these idiots probably think that's what they are.
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